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Network Marketing Professional Ronen Triffon:

Well, folks, all those who turned up their noses at MLM, or were harshly sceptical about Home Based Businesses, should be having serious second thoughts right now.

For let’s face it – with the global catastrophe of millions suddenly finding themselves unemployed, and a frightening number of “regular” businesses shut down and facing bankruptcy, the only businesses not just thriving, but even improving, are HOME BASED and most specifically those affiliated with the MLM industry.

Talk about the “luck of the Irish”. I am not Irish, but I certainly feel as blessed as if I’d kissed a blarney stone.  For at the very start of this terrible Pandemic, while on what was intended to be a short vacation, I found myself stranded in Thailand.

No flights out and nowhere to go! However, there are worse places in the world to be than on a beautiful, secluded little tropical island that is totally COVID free. But how to survive financially.

My Opulence Global MLM online based business platform not only saved me, but took off to new heights – enabling me to reach higher levels of income than ever before – achieving over CA$20,000 per month.

I have been in the MLM industry for 32 years and have built numerous organizations, but I finally “hit gold” when 6 years ago I discovered  OPULENCE GLOBAL and launched the best home business platform I had ever envisaged.

Offering magnificent opportunities with no geographical restrictions, needing no more than a laptop and/or smartphone, that enabled me to build a huge network spanning numerous continents.

So why is Opulence Global a Pandemic Proof business?

Because not only do you run it from the comfort of your own home, but – as in my case – even stranded for 8 months and counting on an isolated, tropical island.

So here I am in a foreign country, on a tourist visa that doesn’t permit me to work.  But all I need is WIFI and the boon of ZOOM! I am in touch with my global network 24/7 and continue to recruit new customers and business partners at an amazing rate.

Why I chose Opulence Global?

  1. Running an Opulence Global business is like having 6 businesses in one. They are Health & wellness care, mouth care, household care, Anti-aging skincare, Luxury fashion and accessories & anti-bacterial products.
  2. Global reach as the company serves clients in 204 countries and territories
  3. One of the  highest paying compensation plan in the industry with up to 65% pay-out
  4. A+ BBB business rating due to their unparalleled client care department

To close, my view of an ideal MLM Company is the one that you LIVE WITH daily and automatically without thinking about it.

My consumption of Opulence Global products has nothing to do with the Opulence business itself. Let me explain any typical day after I wake up:

  • Shower – use POSH Captive shampoos
  • Shave – use FERI Flawless as aftershave
  • Brush my teeth – use FERI Micro-silver toothpaste
  • Wear shoes, a watch and a ring – Collection of FERI designer lines
  • Get my health protection with an antioxidant supplement – use the Fountain Of Life
  • Keep bacteria in check with FERI Micro-silver spray for my mask and anything else I touch
  • Keep my hands moist and free of bacteria with FERI Sterling Micro silver hand moisturizer.

As you can see, the above is what everyone needs daily but I am glad that what I need daily is produced by my company at the highest quality and most of all at the highest profitability which is the perfect make up of a vibrant and profitable e-commerce business.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to contact me, and I’ll be delighted to help you take your first steps into a changed and enhanced MLM world.

About Opulence Global

Established in 2005, we are Canada’ s largest designer fashion house dedicated to design and manufacture products that impact your life. Our mission is to provide you with optimum lifestyle, optimum beauty and optimum health.

In lifestyle, we have revolutionized the fashion industry with new business paradigms along with our exclusive products. Whether you are looking for day to day accessories starting from $10 or leather goods and siledium pieces, we have it all preloaded into your online shop.

In beauty, our FERI Flawless raises the bar in the anti-aging skincare market. It has over 100 patents backing its premium grade raw materials. It is a professional grade regimen, ideal for all skin types, ages and genders who want to look and feel younger! FERI Flawless is so effective, our slogan is “give us 5 minutes and we will turn back the clock 5 years!”

Fountain of Life is a groundbreaking, patent protected natural health product, developed to protect and preserve your health. It is the most powerful antioxidant known in the world and you only need to take 10 drops per day. For more information please visit


Get more information, facts and figures about Opulence Global, click here for the Opulence Global overview.

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