Lyconet Exploits The Full Potential Of Online Events

With the Lyconet Online Sensation, Lyconet has brilliantly succeeded in moving its events into the virtual world and in exploiting the full potential of online events. Best of all: The next edition of this spectacular event is just around the corner.

Making new contacts, getting to know foreign places, gaining fresh inspiration – events play an important role for independent Lyconet Marketers. They allow them to broaden their horizon, share experiences, and grow.

Events provide the ideal conditions for entrepreneurs to get to know new people, maintain existing contacts, and discover places where they themselves have not been yet.

In this regard, the past two years have presented Lyconet with some challenges, which Lyconet has mastered superbly. Shifting the events to a virtual stage was a great success. Therefore, on 29 January 2022, the Lyconet Online Sensation – Winter Edition takes place.

Events in the comfort of your home

Online events bring a huge advantage: One can join from anywhere and with hardly any effort. All that is needed for participating is a working internet access as well as a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone – and one is ready to go.

One does not have to worry about how to get to the event and how to get back home; instead, one can get comfortable at home and still be part of the event.

In addition, online events offer companies the opportunity to present themselves as well as their business partners in the best way possible and to provide unique insights.

Lyconet successfully managed to do so with the Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition 2021, which took place in the impressive EliteClub villa in Thessaloniki.

Lyconet Online Sensation – Winter Edition 2022

Many online events are streamed live or are recorded and take place online on a fixed date. In most cases, it is suitable to provide an on-demand version after the event.

This way, companies are able to reach interested people who may have missed the event and give them the opportunity to watch it later on. The last edition of the Lyconet Online Sensation is still available as an on-demand version.

But no worries, the Lyconet Online Sensation – Winter Edition on 29 January 2022 is just around the corner and awaits Lyconet Marketers – and those who would like to become one – again with a fantastic location and inspiring speakers.

News concerning this event can be found on the official Instagram page and Facebook page of the event. Tip: Definitely join this event.

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