Christine Ye Is Crowd1’s First Female Ambassador

Christine is driven by her belief in empowerment and freedom.

Freedom: what shape does that take for you? To not be bound by convention; to not have financial worries; to be able to uplift others? For Christine Ye, it is all of that, and more.

Christine reached an incredible milestone recently: she became the first female to reach the level of Ambassador in Crowd1, the world’s leading influencer marketing company.

Making this an even more impressive feat, is considering that Christine achieved this in only two short years. To understand how she rose so high in such a short amount of time, let’s look at her background.

Christine has always been adept at sales, creating a solid base for herself in the accounting and insurance fields (becoming a company’s youngest successful saleswoman); however, she quickly realised that the “traditional” sales environment was not for her.

The more innovative, the more unconventional – revolutionary, if you will – the better. That’s where Crowd1 entered the picture, and that’s how Christine gained her first taste of freedom: time.

The unique way that Crowd1 enables building a business, namely being completely digital, made it easy for Christine to create her own working hours – an important consideration since she has two children that she loves to dote on.

Combined with Crowd1’s enticing roster of products, its ease of use (the “5-minute business”) and its international reach, and Christine was soaring. Financial success followed, affording her another type of freedom.

Ask Christine how she did it, and her answer is unequivocally “teamwork”. She believes that, by checking in on and supporting her team, she had gained their trust. Motivational training is a steadfast pillar in the success of her team, and their positivity and enthusiasm feeds into hers.

She truly understands that, in order to go far you have to go together. Being bold, trusting yourself and following your intuition are key.

What advice would Christine give to women who aspire to emulate her success? In the first instance: where focus goes energy flows. Visualise what you want, believe in yourself and surround yourself with likeminded people. Work hard, and be teachable.

Christine also believes in the value of giving back to her community, donating funds to those in need, and supporting educational institutions financially.

Plans for her own charity are also in the pipeline, where she envisions teaching others empowerment through healing the body and mind. Indeed, helping others achieve their dreams of freedom.

For Christine Ye, being a Crowd1’s first female Ambassador doesn’t simply mean building a business empire. It stretches beyond that, to lead and inspire others to success as well.

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