XIFRA -Diamonds Around The World Convention- Announced

XIFRA invites its Diamonds to a convention on February 19 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The company latest big event, UNITED, was an undisputed success for the company,

  • announcing news
  • new products
  • new corporate goals.

It is at big events like this that a company finds its greatest moments of momentum, experiencing progressive growth in the months that follow.

This has been a perfect example of this, with XIFRA reaping impressive turnover numbers during the months of December and January. Although the company is planning other conventions throughout the year, it has surprised the community, or Nation, as they say, with a Diamond convention in February.

The objectives are to talk about:

  • the future,
  • expecting to witness exclusive announcements
  • to learn about implementations of its product and service catalogue
  • to define together a roadmap for growth, not only for 2022, but for the next 8 years.

One of the goals already set at XIFRA and that will be discussed in depth at this event is becoming a legendary company of the 20s. This event is key to going large-scale with the company’s global expansion plans, which have already been underway for months and were highlighted at UNITED.

Beyond the big goals, in its day-to-day and month-to-month objectives, the company emphasises taking technology and knowledge even closer to its community, as well as the general public and the world.

XIFRA would like to highlight, when announcing this event, that these meetings for Diamonds and above are just as important as any internal meeting of its executives: although the vision of the corporate points the way, the opinion of its Nation is decisive to start walking it.

This is a key moment for XIFRA: two years old and opening up to more and more ambitious projects, where it is laying the foundations to become one of the most outstanding opportunities of this year, and the years to come, at a global level.

According to a press release from XIFRA, announcing the upcoming event:

“The time has come to triumph, to leave fear behind, to fight for our dreams and for what we have always wanted. To leave doubts behind and focus on our goals.


The time has come to finally get what you have sought for your entire life, to have the financial freedom you have longed for.

February is the appointment on our calendar where everything can change for the better, where all the Diamonds will meet and share experiences of their triumphs and how they have managed to get everything they have always wanted and dreamed of, putting in the effort and not giving up.

This is the moment for XIFRA’s leaders to demonstrate that they have what it takes to fight for their dreams. XIFRA Nation, February awaits to emerge triumphant from this challenge that will mark a new era.”


XIFRA is a disruptive and innovative technology company with a global presence and a decentralised smart ecosystem. Making use of the MLM business model, the company’s main goal is to provide knowledge about the latest trends in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology with its proprietary algorithmic trading software, creating a decentralised financial protocol through the sharing economy.

XIFRA boasts an extensive ecosystem that also offers other business lines under the MLM model, such as wellness and beauty products, education, real estate solutions and hemp farming. For more information, please visit www.xifralifestyle.com


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