Crowd1 Introduces Metaversy At A Memorable Leader Event

According to a Crowd1 Press release:

A virtual trading game that is sure to be revolutionary

Crowd1, the world’s leading influencer marketing company, held another of its successful training events for selected leaders during its Vision Launch 2022 Event Days at its Dubai head office from 21-27 April, which culminated in the reveal of its most ambitious product yet: Metaversy.

Metaversy is the new online blockchain-based play-to-earn trading game in which players can trade virtually in companies that only exist within the Metaverse.

Said company founder Jonas Eric Werner:

“This will be the opportunity for people all over the world to get involved in crypto finance – as long as they have a smartphone. It’s the best chance out there to be an entrepreneur, and a pioneer”.

Metaversy players follow virtual companies and base their trading decisions on virtual events and news, and how these stand to impact the value of said companies.

It will be up to players to stay on top of things to make sure they get ahead in the market and increase their play-to-earn capabilities.

The Metaversy pre-launch commenced on 27 April to much fanfare, with Affiliates keenly aware that being early adopters gives them a crucial head start. In the next few months leading up to the official public launch, Crowd1 Affiliates will have the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for their entry into the game.

Continues Jonas Werner:

“With the millions of people already part of Crowd1, this pre-launch phase will be the perfect opportunity for Affiliates to get all their team members involved.

A stronger base than that will be hard to find. The pre-launch is our members’ chance to be true pioneers”.

The game is sure to gather steam at an astonishing rate in the coming months. To keep building momentum, Crowd1 will host another mega-event in June, with the digital world coming to Stockholm for two days of valuable information, great insights, and training.

The Metaverse Expo will give Crowd1 Affiliates insider access to the founders and management of the most sought-after NFT, Crypto, and Blockchain-based companies in the world, preparing them even more for the worldwide release of this groundbreaking virtual trading game.

Crowd1 has always been at the forefront of what is now, and what is coming. With the release of Metaversy, this is proven once again.

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