Network Marketing Professional Christine Gaudet – Unfinished Business

When Christine Gaudet met her husband and business partner at an MLM event in 2003, it was the start of a 19-year love affair with one another and the network marketing industry. This powerful partnership between them created tremendous business success over the years for their family and many others.

As a couple, they built and lead teams of leaders with over 75,000 distributors across many countries around the world. Their heartfelt humility, servant leadership, professionalism, and genuine desire to help others were felt by many and respected by all. It seemed like nothing could stop their meteoric rise up the ranks.

“Empowering people to fulfill on their dreams is what fuels me”. – Christine Gaudet

Unfortunately for the Gaudets, life had different plans for their future. Pierre was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2017 which he valiantly fought off after a tough battle.

During Pierre’s health challenges, Christine took time away from the industry to focus on supporting him and being home for their two children.

A few years later, bad news struck again. Pierre’s cancer had returned and this time it was stage IV. Pierre and Christine knew that time wasn’t on their side.

Together the Gaudets had to make the most important decision of their career. Find one last company for Christine to make a return and a bigger impact than ever before.

The Gaudet Family

A company that would embrace the same vision they both had of a fair and ethical industry for all.

“Leadership is knowing where to go, going there first, and showing people the way”. – Pierre Gaudet

As faith would have it, they found more than that. During their search, Christine discovered a revolutionary anti-aging skincare product. With her experience in a previous networking company whose flagship product was also a serum, Christine knew how powerful this opportunity could be and needed to bring it to the industry.

“This product is a major breakthrough in the industry backed by clinical studies. The 3D UltraSerum is an advanced active plant stem cell extract created in a microgravity environment for superior skin and tissue repair acting as corrector and preventer.” – Christine Gaudet

 NewAge and a New beginning

The Gaudets had extremely high criteria when choosing their next and final company. After meeting the leadership team at NewAge through trusted friends within the field and the company,

Christine and Pierre knew they had found the right fit. A home for them, and their new serum which was successfully launched in Christine’s team on February 13th 2022.  A serum that NewAge will soon be launching to all its distributors.

They chose NewAge because of the company’s values, ethics, and shared vision of elevating the industry to a higher standard.

“The company’s Bill of Rights put in place to protect distributors is a perfect example of those higher standards we were looking for.” – Pierre and Christine Gaudet

 Pierre lost his battle against cancer this past year. What he never lost, however, was his love for life and the industry. He leaves an amazing legacy behind.

Christine and Pierre Gaudet (RIP)

His journey on earth has ended, but his legacy has just started. A legacy that Christine is dedicated to building upon in the loving memory of her husband.

After 4 years away from the industry, Christine finally found a new home and is proud to launch again with old partners and new ones along the way. It’s time to change more lives in a positive way.

This adventure started as a love story. Thanks to this industry, and the power of network marketing with NewAge, it will continue to live on as one.

This is a new beginning for Christine, and a chance to make things right on some unfinished business.

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