DECENTRA Appoints Shane Morand To “Chairman Of The Board”

The successful entrepreneur is proud to join the earn-as-you-learn Bitcoin platform.

Decentra is delighted to announce the appointment of Shane Morand as Chairman of the Board. With an extensive background in successful entrepreneurship, Morand joins Decentra at an exciting time for the company, with pre-registration on its blockchain platform with the full launch planned in May.

Morand, an expert mentor and the author of Victory Book, became interested in Napoleon Hill’s principles at 19. He has since become a global business leader and an influencer on free enterprise.

In addition, Shane has been honoured by the Napoleon Hill Foundation for his positive impact on free enterprise and was granted a Global Business Mentorship Award.

In 2008, Shane co-founded Organo Gold and grew the original enterprise from zero to 2.2 million customers in 55 countries worldwide.

In 2018, Shane was selected to join the prestigious advisory board of KINESIS, a kinetically charged, yield-bearing, physical gold and silver monetary system of shared economic wealth.

Morand has been appointed due to his proven experience building successful businesses internationally and his knowledge in leadership development, all valuable assets for this position that are critical for Decentra’s success.

Shane will work with the board to help with business strategy and partnerships as they grow their footprint around the world.

“I am honoured and thrilled to play a role in giving birth to DECENTRA – an idea whose time has come.

The greatest transfer of wealth in history is happening right now, and 99.5% of the population has no idea it is even happening,”

Morand said.

With the current global situation and without exception, good people worldwide are looking for options and solutions to experience a brighter future, and the timing of Decentra’s state of the art learning and earning platform is genius!”

Decentra, headquartered in Dubai, is an up-and-coming private membership platform for learning about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, NFTs, Di-Fi and Metaverse. It’s unique earn-while-you-learn model allows everyday people to access the world-class education platform and earn rewards as they learn about this exciting new technology.

From beginners to independent entrepreneurs, the tools provided on the platform will improve the understanding of how blockchain works. The Decentra Private Membership gives members access to exclusive content, events, travel and opportunities to learn from the best in the industry.

“We are very proud to have someone of Shane’s calibre join the Decentra family. Our roadmap to 2 million Global Customers and Independent Entrepreneurs is very clear.

Shane is already making an impressive contribution, and today, we officially welcome him to Decentra,”

stated a letter from the Joint Board of Directors.

“In the next several weeks, as we prepare to “Go Live” we will be making several more announcements that will surely gain global attention and provide rocket fuel to our movement.”

Decentra’s pre-registration will be open until the end of May 2022. At the end of the pre-registration period, there will be a live launch in Mexico City to celebrate the official release of the Decentra global platform. To find out more, please visit:

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