DECENTRA Gathers Over 200 Top Network marketing Leaders In Dubai

According to a DECENTRA press release:

In May 2022, DECENTRA has officially opened its corporate headquarters in Dubai and celebrated its launch by gathering top network marketing leaders, top earners and result producers from all around the world in in the City of Dreams for a magnificent retreat.

Leading industry professionals, who came together with the common goal of empowering people and make dreams come true, spent 3 spectacular days in Dubai with DECENTRA full of fun and bonding, as well as success stories and training for even more success. Let’s take a brief look at what happened.

The first thing on the agenda was opening the new DECENTRA corporate headquarters in the downtown Dubai, with amazing views at Burj Khalifa.

Leaders were received with champagne, and the corporate was able to give a brief speech about company’s plans for the future.

After visiting the corporate offices, leaders headed to Dubai Marina for a ride on a luxury yacht and were able to spend some relaxing time watching Dubai pass by till reaching the open sea.

After the yacht ride, leaders came back to the hotel in order to put on their Gala outfits to come together again for a Gala dinner. An exquisite meal and an exquisite company. There was also time for some testimonies on stage, and the leaders from different parts of the world could get to know each other much better.

The next day was the training day. All the leaders gathered in a spectacular ballroom, and this is when the corporate and the highest top earners got the chance to speak on stage about the track record of the company, share their vision and encourage and motivate the audience. And the day was not over, there was a tremendous surprise awaiting the leaders.

After the conference, they were taken to the desert, where 80 super cars were prepared for a ride. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, all the top-notch super luxury cars right there in the Dubai desert for the leaders to enjoy a splendid ride.

On the next day, the leaders were picked up at the hotel to go back to the desert, and this time, it was 4×4 dune bashing. Land Cruisers deflated their tyres and went for an exhilarating roller-coaster ride in the dunes.

The leaders were taken to a magnificent resort, exclusive and only for DECENTRA, in the middle of the desert to have dinner and relax.

What an unbelievable treat that DECENTRA had prepared for the top network marketing leaders from around the world to mark the official launch of the company that has come to change lives and fulfil dreams.


DECENTRA is in a positioning phase with global leaders as a technology and education company that creates tools to make technology and financial opportunities accessible to everyone.

DECENTRA defines itself as a DeFi strongly committed to innovation and the most disruptive new technologies, both in the financial field and in other types of applications: smart contracts, virtual reality, NFT, Blockchain technology.

DECENTRA dares to understand the future to conquer the present, and to prepare people in the present to transform their future. To find out more, please visit:

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