Allan Badilla Alcanza Triple Diamante En Zeta

Allan Badilla is one of the most iconic leaders in the network marketing industry, his leadership, strength and hard work led him to become Triple Diamond in just 3 weeks.

Over the years he has made history and this time he reminds us of his Leadership

Allan has more than 16 years of experience as a world-class entrepreneur, leader and trainer, he has worked in only 4 companies and as co-founder of ZETA sets an example for future generations with his great results.

A week ago we saw how Allan became the first Double Diamond in the industry at ZETA, we knew he was not going to stop and would soon break a new record.

Today he manages to form a team of more than 3,800 people and commissions of over $200,000, reaching the Triple Diamond rank, an achievement built on the success of the other leaders who are part of his company. 

On June 1, a new path full of results began, managing to change the lives of many people through Zeta. His motivation to promote the dreams of his team led him to build a company that, through education and different digital tools, enhances the skills of entrepreneurs.

“Life can change, you just need the vehicle, the environment and a good mentor. Take action and make it happen, for your children, your family, do it for yourself”, says Badilla 

In recent weeks, Allan Badilla has visited several cities in Latin America, promoting the pre-launch of ZETA, each place he visits meets all his expectations, filling the stages with people who are willing to be part of REVOLUTION 4.0.

Great leaders have joined this transformation of the industry and together with his team and his partner have achieved incredible achievements, propelling him to be in the list of the ten greatest networkers in the world.

“Walking hand in hand with your partner in the world of entrepreneurship will always be easier” 

– Alan Badilla.

The results that LA LEYENDA has generated throughout its career will be a clear example of determination and effort to change people’s lives and create true success stories.

We will be very attentive to the next achievements that you reach and the exponential growth of your company, which is making it clear that you came to make THE 4.0 REVOLUTION.

Get more information, facts and figures about Zeta Group, click here for the Zeta Group overview.

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