Zeta Pays $1,4 Million In Commission In The First Month

According to a Zeta press release:

As Allan Badilla stated,

“The 4.0 revolution will make history”, Zeta Group, in its first month has achieved great results and in just 30 days has set multiple records in the industry.

This revolution came to be a benchmark for leadership and economic growth in Latin America and the world, through the leadership of Allan Badilla, Zeta has achieved that its most recognized leaders reach ranks that seemed impossible in such a short time.

The first of these achievements was achieved in just 7 days by Allan Badilla, who reached the double diamond rank, earning a commission of $70,000, demonstrating, once again, that, thanks to his leadership and constant work, it is possible to achieve high-level results in record time.

By reaching this rank, Allan made way for one of its strongest leaders to achieve in just two weeks, being the first Diamond Z, the entrepreneur Miguel Posada, reached this rank in record time.

Following the example of the double diamond, Miguel continues stating that his purpose is to positively impact people and show them that results like this are a reflection of the effort and dedication of a leading organization in a million-dollar industry.

June continued to be a month of great victories, the growth of the ranks did not stop and motivated by the first results, Andrés González and Stefania Rivera, one of the most recognized Zeta couples, joined the Diamond group.

They were not far behind and reached this rank in just two weeks, a couple that reached the 4.0 revolution to be a benchmark for great victories.

Their results as a couple have been incredible, reaching a turnover of more than $60,000 in the first cycle, they promise to continue growing hand in hand with Zeta to continue breaking records in this industry.

The month could not end without the triumphs continuing to add up in Zeta Group, the leadership of men and women is one of the representative characteristics of this leading network in the industry, one of the women with the greatest impact, leader, entrepreneur and businesswoman, Laura Castro “La Patrona del Dinero”, has shown that the role of women in this industry is to be protagonists, reaching one of the highest ranks, and becoming the first Diamond Z of Costa Rica, exceeding $50,000 in commissions .

The great achievements continued to increase with the arrival of Julieta Rodríguez, a leading, visionary, and entrepreneurial woman who, as a result of the pandemic, decided to undertake in digital markets, becoming a Z Diamond. Accompanied by Z Group and her mentor and partner Miguel Posada, Julieta wants to impact many other people through the vehicle that the 4.0 revolution has become, teaching others the value and confidence that this network has brought to her professional and financial life.

And to give a winning closing to this month, the co-founder of Zeta Group, The Legend, Allan Badilla continues to provide an example to future generations, reaching the Triple Diamond rank, this has driven many of the leaders to exceed their goals and make history. in the industry.

June was the first month of this great revolution and it is setting a precedent in the industry, with these incredible results, where:  637 New Ranks were added:

  • 349 Executives
  • 175 Professionals
  • 77 Sapphires
  • 24 Ruby’s
  • 6 Emeralds’s
  • 5 Diamonds
  • 1 Triple Diamond

The bonuses paid:

  • Direct Sales $318,588
  • Binary $468,596
  • Unilevel $26,710
  • Career Plan $611,500,

Generating a total sum of bonuses paid of $1,425,395.

“More than 1,400,000 thousand dollars were paid in the first month only in rank bonuses, congratulations partners for a tremendous job…” stated Allan Badilla.

July begins and the achievements promise to continue breaking records in Zeta Group, this is just the beginning of one of the most renowned revolutions in the industry.

Growth, leadership, and recognition will continue to be one of the main characteristics of this family that since its inception has been showing how far he will go.

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