Ximena Lozano From Colombia Achieves Black Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

Ximena Lozano stated upon her achievement :

“My greatest motivation is in sharing a financial system that fairly distributes the infinite abundance of the Universe, such as OmegaPro. I joined them because I visioned the opportunity to change my financial life forever along with thousands of others and it’s been wonderful seeing this vision come true.

I’m honored to share my background and story and hope it offers a positive guide to others seeking to accomplish their dreams.

From a very young age I traced a path based on excellence, growing up in an environment with limited possibilities, but with a mentality of abundance. With my effort, I managed to graduate with honors from high school, which opened the door for me to obtain a place in medical school.

I have always worked to stand out in my professional activity, so much so that at some point in my life I had up to three jobs at the same time, an activity that I developed with the purpose of having extensive experience that would allow me to continue to grow professionally.

This lifestyle was certainly allowing me to have a successful life by minimal standards, but it was also affecting my other personal spheres considerably by allowing me to have zero free time.

I began an unstoppable search for different options that would allow me to improve my quality of life. I participated in countless initiatives that ultimately resulted in economic losses, losses that did not affect my fervent desire to have time for myself.

It was then, in October 2019, when the company that gave me a definitive turning point came into my life.

Without much information or any experience in the industry, but with the firm intention of generating a transcendental change, I embarked on one of the best experiences that I have had so far.

OmegaPro came to enhance all those business, leadership and entrepreneurial skills that I did not know I had and better yet, it came to show me the dream life that is on the other side of fear.

Reaching this rank in the company has been the result of constant work, based on the vision of success, on the unwavering desire to pave the way for others to achieve their dreams, on maintaining a positive attitude at all times, always vibrating at the highest frequency, transferring the best energy to others, leading by example, acting with the intention of inspiring.

Although I have faced many difficulties in the process, at this moment I can say that there is no difficulty great enough that it cannot be overcome with disciplined work, with the definition of a firm purpose and with maintaining a mentality of success.

I continue to work as if it were my first day, with enthusiasm, with a thirst for success, with an absolute conviction that I am in the best industry, where effort and dedication always bear fruit, where competition disappears and gives way to joint work and as a team, where more than partners you make friends for life, where your skills become the most important assets that guarantee excellence.”

About OmegaPro 

With over 2 Million members joining the OmegaPro family since its recent inception in 2019 – this revolution of bridging the gap between the traditional and the digital is just getting started. Driven by the virtue of innovation and an ambition towards unparalleled idiosyncrasy – OmegaPro is ‘Building wealth without border for people without borders’. For more information please visit: www.omegapro.network

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