Murat Karaman From Turkey Achieves Green Diamond Rank at Kyäni

Out of everything Dr. Murat Karaman has accomplished in his life, he’s most proud of becoming a physician with dual specializations.

But his profession came with some sacrifices—loss of time flexibility and a focus on his own health. It was while working a frustrating amount of overtime to make ends meet that a trusted friend introduced Murat to Kyäni.

As a medical professional, it didn’t take long for Murat to see the difference Kyäni products and the business opportunity could make in his life. With Kyäni he had the products and tools right in front of him to fill nutritional gaps in his diet, earn significant supplemental income, and enhance his ability to continue helping others live healthier lives.

He says,

“I noticed so much beauty in the Kyäni family. And I knew I should be a part of this business. I didn’t have a financial plan B, but now I do! I’m so excited about having a firmer future and more flexibility. It’s a wonderful dream come true!”

Today, Murat is one of Turkey’s best Kyäni Business Partners and he’s excited everyday to share the products and wellness habits he’s enjoyed since becoming part of the Kyäni family.

“In my opinion, Kyäni is not just a commercial endeavor,” Murat says. “It’s also a social responsibility project—a project that can give people hope that they can live healthy and time-free lives with more supplemental income.”

So how has Murat become so successful? By never forgetting the amazing opportunity he’s been given. “The Kyäni business is amazing,” He says.

“It helps me experience so many things: better health, more supplemental income, flexibility of time, a stellar social environment, opportunities for personal development, and international travel. There are so many possibilities, but you have to remember this is a job that requires training and requires significant effort.”

Murat has one piece of advice he gives to the newcomers on his team:

“Don’t let anyone trash your mindset. Get to work on the right path to achieve your dreams and don’t get stuck on what anyone else has to say.”

Murat’s Life Philosophy:

“Live healthy, do good, find kindness, and never give up!”

About Kyäni

Kyäni, Inc., founded in 2007, is an internationally recognized health and wellness company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. From its inception, Kyäni has been the globally recognized pioneer of Nitro Nutrition™ and antioxidant support by being the first to recognize the efficacy of the Wild Blueberry and ingredients that support natural nitric oxide production in the body.

With their selection of core products, which include The Triangle of Health®, powerful Protein Nutritionals, ON™ nootropic energy shots, and now the Electro hydration and nitric oxide regeneration mix, Kyäni harnesses the power and potency of wild and natural ingredients to lead the way in increasing and improving overall health and wellness through proper nutrition.

With its value rooted in unrivaled, wild-sourced nutritional supplements, Kyäni is also able to offer a rewarding opportunity to its Business Partners in more than 50 countries around the world. For more information, please visit

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