Stanecia Graham Achieves 100K Rank at MyDailyChoice

Former professional basketball player Stanecia Graham joined MyDailyChoice in 2022 and has already achieved a rank of 100K.

Stanecia was drawn to MDC not only by the House of Brands but also by the amazing marketing tools provided to Affiliates when they join MyDailyChoice.

Says Stanecia:

“I have been successful in any opportunity I have joined, but I have to be honest, I have not believed in an opportunity like I believe in MyDailyChoice in YEARS.

I am excited to change people’s lives and help them flourish through the incredible opportunity that MDC brings to the industry of network marketing!”

Thus far, Stanecia has put over 1,500 customers and distributors into MyDailyChoice in four weeks and numbers are rising rapidly from there.

“We aren’t taking our foot off the gas anytime soon!”

she says.

About MyDailyChoice

Josh and Jenna Zwagil are passionate about providing a true “home” for their affiliates and have created MyDailyChoice. The powerful and rewarding House of Brands delivers the best products and services in health and wellness, performance, weight management, beauty and cosmetics, travel, financial education, automotive, and more.

MDC consistently pursues leading-edge services, technologies, product offerings, and new ways of thinking. Learn more at

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