Crowd1 Cements Its Reputation As Leader At The World Blockchain Summit

According to a Crowd1 press release:

Participation at the prestigious event drew crowds

Dubai, universally recognised as the epicentre of crypto and the blockchain, played host to the World Blockchain Summit, the thought leadership-driven series of talks where the global innovators in crypto and the blockchain congregated to share ideas, connect, network, and, frankly, blow minds.

Crowd1, the world’s leading influencer marketing company, was right there in the thick of the action.

As the world’s leading onboarder of Web3 products, it was only natural that Crowd1 would play a central role at the World Blockchain Summit, as sponsors and as speakers.

The highlight of the 3-day event came on 19 October, with Crowd1 founder Jonas Eric Werner taking the stage. Werner, always able to read the room well, chose to focus on what is sometimes overlooked at tech gatherings: people.

“The countries we are represented in, aren’t the ones you may expect, but they are the ones that are hungry for this revolution. This is about the people”

he reminded the gathered audience.

The ultimate onboarding company

Half of the world will now be able to enter the digital world through Web3, and because of this, he predicted that Web3 will hand power back to the people – if, of course, onboarding is done in a straightforward way. It’s not always easy to be a pioneer, because people may not always understand your vision.

Jonas Werner at the World Blockchain Summit

This is what sets Crowd1 apart: they help them understand it. It’s easy to talk about the tech, but it needs to be easy for the man or woman on the street to grasp.

How will this be done? Through targeted, culturally relevant communication. If people can understand a business in 5 minutes, they will be excited about it, and hooked on the idea.

Crowd1 expects exponential growth

The world of the metaverse is poised to explode in 2025, with 25% of the global population predicted to spend at least an hour a day in the virtual world.

Keeping this in mind, Werner laid out Crowd1’s ambitions clearly and succinctly: 1 billion users by 2025. Those may seem like lofty goals to most companies, but with the trajectory that Crowd1 is on, this is a distinct possibility.

Billions of people will have the chance to be financially independent through crypto wallets, but a step by step approach is fundamental. This is where Crowd1 is the expert. As an incubation platform connecting products to people, they are shooting for the moon.

About Crowd1

Crowd1 is an established online social community and marketing company with its head office registered in Dubai, UAE, with a unique and empowering vision to unleash the opportunities provided by global marketing.

At Crowd1 we are proud to be democratising access to the next revolution in the digital space, online crowd marketing.

With an extensive and swiftly expanding community of passionate and highly motivated entrepreneurs, we aim to make Crowd1 the pre-eminent name in online marketing. For more information, please visit

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