Gerson Osorio From Colombia Achieves Diamond Rank At DECENTRA

According to a DECENTRA press release:

One of the most recent Diamonds within DECENTRA is Gerson Osorio, from Colombia. Gerson boasts over 7 years of experience in the industry.

He started out at a company that was distributing physical products and admits that that experience helped him understand the potential of network marketing and how exponentially the growth can be for every person involved, regardless of their situation.

Telling his story, Gerson makes a special remark on the attitude a newbie can have towards the business in terms of dedication:

“One of the most important mistakes I made when I started was thinking that I could take up this business as a hobby. Thankfully, in a few months, I understood that making it professional was going to make a surprising difference. It’s very important to be fully dedicated to network marketing.

I can also say that one of my best experiences is to see how in a short time the people who work with me improved not only in their financial, personal, mental, emotional state and radically changed their lifestyle, but I also understood that if you focus your energy, your time and your work in the right community you can fulfil the promise of value and reach the longed-for financial freedom.”

Gerson joined the DECENTRA project at the end of 2021 after attending a virtual conference where he saw the major leaders of the company speaking about the vision and the mission and presenting a system that would break all the records in the industry.

“I truly loved that mix of one of the best systems along with the corporate with a lot of experience in the field of products, using the power of services and at the same time empowered with decentralized finance. At that moment I knew that I couldn’t miss that opportunity.

I thank Alex Ramos, from Mexico, who I have known for about 2 years. He taught me that humility, simplicity and helping people in a selfless way is a key point to achieve success in whatever you do.”

Gerson talks about the DECENTRA company and outlines some of the advantages:

“Talking a little about the vision of the company, which is something that really impacts me, it is not only to have one of the most capitalized community in the industry, but always be a little ahead in innovation and thus be able to provide us with the necessary tools to help the most people globally, taking into account that the technological world is now and not tomorrow.

For that, it is using the wonderful network marketing industry, which for me has been the vehicle to learn, grow and impact very many lives in the shortest possible time.”

“First of all, thanks to God and everyone who has been part of the process. Thanks to those people who said “no” to me, which strengthened my character. Thanks to my family, who have always been supporting me through the ups and downs.

To whoever reads about me, I want you to know that only you can decide where to be, which people to surround yourself with and only you can enjoy the process. Despite how difficult it may seem, there will always be a way out, you just need to identify it and go for it.”

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