After joining forces in March of this year, Robert Oblon and his gut health product line and Üforia Science® of the Lacore Ecosystem have become NücleoGenex.

“It’s been an important and necessary move that’s been a huge undertaking,”

says Founder and CEO Robert Oblon.

“Whenever two product lines come together, which is rare in itself, you have to seamlessly unite them together into one complementary system.

More importantly, you have to unify the story, which in this case is a perfect storm, in order to make it easier for affiliates to share the products.”

The NücleoGenex name was born out of the new addition to “Ütrition,” the company’s flagship product, of nucleotides to the base formula, making the already unique product even more unique than ever.

Nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA cells, are also the key ingredient of Cell Tides, one of the many other gut health products available from the company.

About NücleoGenex

NücleoGenex has been rebranded from Üforia Science, which launched in 2018 and has been a leading brand under the Lacore Ecosystem and is the world’s foremost supplier of DNA-based, personalized nutrition.

Its patented, proprietary technology allows for the ability to compound nearly 400 million unique supplement formulas based on a single individual’s DNA. In April 2022, the company added the gut health product line, including proprietary and exclusive ingredients and formulations. For more information on NücleoGenex, visit For information on the NücleoGenex affiliate program, visit