Network Marketing Company Kalaia – Meet Gaya Samarasingha CEO And Founder

Gaya Samarasingha has a corporate background in Network Marketing:

  • Former VP of Business Development at Innov8tive + Posh
  • Former Sr. Director of International Development at Jamberry
  • Former Director of International Development at Young Living Essential Oils

She decided to start her own business to fulfill her passion to empower women and to find a solution to an unmet need in the skincare industry.

After building a successful career in the Direct Selling industry, Gaya found her passion in empowering and supporting other business owners, especially women.

So she wanted to create a platform that allows women and men to build successful home-based businesses regardless of their education, experience, and skillset. She quit her executive position with another company back in 2017 to start Kalaia.

Gaya, what is the backstory behind how you came up with the idea for your business?

That was also a time I was struggling with my skin – adult acne, skin discoloration, to some signs of aging. No matter how much money I’ve spent on premium skincare products, I couldn’t find anything that resolved all of my skin concerns with one simple regimen. It got me thinking, I’ve never had troubled skin growing up.

I decided to go back to my roots and learn about ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals. I studied the skin and health benefits of the unique natural ingredients we used on our skin as well as in our daily diets.

That’s when I realized how much I under appreciated the benefits of what mother nature has to offer. So I combined those natural ingredients with modern technology and delivery systems to create a skincare line, that is clean, simple and effective so even the busiest of women and men can enjoy healthy, glowing skin.

“Combining our amazing products with our Brand Partner program that offers a lucrative home-based income opportunity, we are blessing so many lives across the United States and Australia.”

We are taking our mission to empower women one step further with our Kalaia Cares Micro Loan program that funds female owned businesses around the world. Within 5 years, we’ve funded 61 female owned businesses from 32 countries.

“Whether someone is looking for $400-500 extra a month or a full-time income, we offer our Brand Partners an opportunity to partner with us to build our brand and in return we share our success with them.

They receive the technology, training, and the support they need to succeed; and access to our community of like minded women and men. Together we are on a mission to empower women through our products, business opportunity and the giveback program.”

How did you funded your business?

After being asked by an investor how I plan to build a business as a young mom, I decided to fund Kalaia on my own. It was hard at the beginning but I’m glad I did.

Today not having that debt gives me so much freedom to build the business the way I want and take care of our Brand Partners without having someone constantly looking over my shoulders.

Since I had already quit my job, no bank or lender would give me a business loan without a collateral. So I used most of our family savings and took a home equity line of credit to fund my business.

I’m grateful for a husband who stood by me and supported me as I risked everything that we worked so hard to build.

About Kalaia

Kalaia products are wholesome, natural ingredients from around the world that have been used in skincare rituals and daily diets for thousands of years, combined with modern technology and delivery systems to create an efficacious product line that will leave you with glowing, smooth, beautiful skin.

Born and raised in a small town in Sri Lanka, Founder and CEO Gaya Samarasingha had a very humble upbringing. Thanks to her parents, Gaya had the opportunity to come to the United States to pursue her higher education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Utah State University and an MBA from Iowa State University.

During her decade long career in the Direct Selling industry, Gaya has worked with mature billion-dollar companies to newer and smaller companies that are going through hyper growth stage both in traditional multi-level marketing and party plan structures. For more information please visit

Get more information, facts and figures about Kalaia, click here for the Kalaia overview.

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