Partner.Co Compensation Plan Named Industry’s Best

According to a press release:

With over 30,000 votes cast for 750+ companies, Partner.Co voted #1.

In a recent poll by Business For Home that featured 750+ direct-selling companies to determine the top compensation plan in the business, Partner.Co was voted #1.

CEO Darren Zobrist said:

“As an organization, we are incredibly proud of this accomplishment. Earning first place in a poll on a website seen by 70,000 people per day is a testament to the care we’ve put into creating our Compensation Plan — all in service to our Brand Partners and their success.”

The Partner.Co Compensation Plan is a multiline compensation plan that gives Brand Partners eight different ways to earn, ideally balanced between upfront, residual and bonus income.

With a payout rate among the highest in the industry, the Partner.Co Compensation Plan stands out as one of the most generous plans available. The plan is designed to reward the creation of repeat customers, which provides long-term residual income to Brand Partners — the kind of stable income that allows Partner.Co Brand Partners to build a lifelong career.

Depending on how successful Brand Partners are, they can create income streams with unlimited width and depth. This flexibility and potential for unlimited growth is unique in the industry.

Brand Partners can earn through:

Upfront Income

  1. Retail Profits: Earn by referring people to Partner.Co products.
  2. New Volume Bonus: Earn up to a 30% bonus when introducing new customers.

Residual Income

  1. Base Commissions: Earn on a potentially limitless number of Pay Lines.

Bonus Income

  1. Savings Bonus: Get an extra $10,000 bonus, which promotes long term success.
  2. Income Position Bonus: Earn shares in the Global Bonus Pool when you optimize building deep.
  3. Pay Line Bonus: Earn shares in the Global Bonus Pool when you optimize building wide.
  4. Matching Bonus: Earn a matching percentage of your teams’ commissions, up to 7 generations.
  5. Business Rewards: Get free trips, products, training, luxury experiences and more — all together with a community of friends!

“Our Compensation Plan is Number One in the world for a reason: it generates mutual success for our Brand Partners and us.

We believe in true field-corporate partnership because a generous payout in our Compensation Plan means our Brand Partners will get rewarded for focusing on what they do best — creating relationships, sharing their stories and helping others live happier, healthier lives,”

Chief Brand Partner Officer John Wadsworth said.

The Partner.Co Compensation Plan also differs from others in the industry in that Brand Partners can qualify to have multiple income positions, which allows them to work closely with members of their team to motivate mutual growth. This teamwork is what drives Brand

Partners all over the world to achieve their dreams and experience long term success. Brand Partners also have voting privileges through the Partners Council for any changes to the Compensation Plan as guaranteed by the Partner.Co Bill of Rights.

About Partner.Co

Partner.Co brings together success-fueled entrepreneurs and wellness enthusiasts from all backgrounds and unique expertise to partner in health, wealth and self. Partner.Co’s embracing of different cultures and beliefs fosters a true partnership where the company and the field protect each other and share a bond that ensures shared success. More information can be found at Partner.Co.

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