Dr. Ralph Bietz Renowned CEO Joins Bravenly Global As Brand Partner

Bravenly Global is honored to announce that Dr. Ralph L. R. Bietz, PhD, MBA, MS, BS, the distinguished former CEO/President of Univera, Fortune 50 executive, product formulator and philanthropist, has joined Bravenly as a Brand Partner.

Dr. Bietz, a Cambridge- and Harvard-educated leader with an extraordinary 40-year career in top corporate executive roles and a passionate advocate for philanthropy, explains why he is excited to join Bravenly and its mission.

Dr. Bietz shared:

“My wife Ginger and I are thrilled to be leading a growing team of Brand Partners. It was through my friend, Garrett McGrath, who’s also a fellow former CEO and a respected leader in the direct selling industry, that I first discovered this incredible opportunity with Bravenly.

It’s truly a dream team, leveraging our collective experience to grow a community that embodies integrity, health innovation and sustainability; the team we’ve started has already grown to over 1,000 members.”

Aspen Emry, CEO/Founder of Bravenly Global, said:

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Ralph Bietz and Ginger Bietz to our Bravenly family. Ralph’s unparalleled experience and servant leadership are perfectly aligned here at this time of exponential growth for our Bravenly Global field team.

Dr. Bietz’s joining our team aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovative wellness products for a healthy lifestyle and can also elevate and expand the reach of our philanthropic efforts with the Beyond Bravenly Foundation in the future.”

Joining Bravenly: A Vision for the Future

In joining Bravenly, Dr. Bietz brings a wealth of business and product formulation experience with his unique perspective on direct selling. With his deep understanding of natural product formulation and product R&D, he passionately believes in product integrity, the power of community, and financial sustainability as the cornerstones of a successful business model, shaped by a career at the highest levels of corporate leadership. Ralph and his wife Ginger are excited to join Bravenly Global as independent Brand Partners at this pivotal inflection point in the three-year-old company’s history.

Education and Expertise: A Foundation for Excellence

Dr. Bietz’s education and achievements are impressive. He is a recipient of the prestigious Cambridge Stuart Scholarship, holding a PhD & MS in Naturology from A.I.H.T., an MBA from Emory University, a BS in Chemical Engineering from Trine University and his diploma in Coaching & Psychology from Cambridge.

His lifelong dedication to learning is further highlighted by certification from global institutions like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Duke, Dartmouth, U. Chicago, and Imperial College of London. Additionally, he has completed a multitude of additional certifications in areas such as stem cell technology, nanotechnology and nutrition. This extensive academic background lays the foundation for his exceptional insights into business strategy and product formulation.

Influential Corporate Leadership and Global Impact

Dr. Bietz’s top-flight corporate experience includes leadership roles not only as CEO/President of Univera, a direct-selling wellness company, but also at some of the world’s most recognized companies and brands, including Coca-Cola, Novo A/S, NutraSweet, PepsiCo, Crystal Cascade, Monsanto, Seagrams and Hoechst AG. At BioRev he further honed his expertise in natural product formulation, innovation and strategic growth.

Dr. Bietz has masterminded and spearheaded global product development and led transformative organizational change. His global ventures within the consumer products, biotech, and natural products industries has been pivotal in reshaping the business landscape. His business insights and strategies have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and at Harvard Business School, and the University of Cambridge, among others.

Mentorship and Thought Leader

An accomplished author and speaker, Dr. Bietz has shared his insights on leadership and entrepreneurship at many government and academic forums, such as the National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. Treasury Department, NASA, the FBI, NOAA, and the Air Force.

Additional coaching and mentoring roles at the University of Cambridge, Emory University, and Trine University show his commitment to nurturing future leaders across diverse organizational levels, also exemplified by his mentorship in the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee QYLP and guidance to Commonwealth Gold Medal Leadership Winners. His approach, blending heart-felt and fact-driven coaching, has made a profound impact across for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Philanthropy and Community Building

Dr. Bietz’s commitment to bettering the world is evident in his philanthropic endeavors and underscores his dedication to making a positive impact on society. Dr. Bietz aligns himself with Feed the Children, Vitamin Angels, Food Banks across North America, Serve First, Evergreen State College, and most recently founded Embrace Humanity.

Dedicated to giving back, he and his wife Ginger have devoted themselves to sponsoring ChildFund International since 2011. Dr. Bietz has been on missions to Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico. And as President of the Board of Directors for Serve First, which provided more than 4.5 million meals for children and families worldwide, he grew the organization by over 800%. Both Ralph and Ginger are dedicated to humanitarian causes.

A Commitment to Natural Product Excellence

Dr. Bietz’s fascination with natural and naturopathic products, rooted in his upbringing on a Midwest farm, informs his approach to product formulation. His focus on efficacious, safe, and scientifically-backed products aligns perfectly with Bravenly’s mission. He envisions a future where natural products, supported by centuries of science and results, are not just an alternative but a preference for health and wellness.

Building a Community with Bravenly Global

With Ralph and Ginger now building a team together as Brand Partners, Bravenly is poised to expand its reach and impact. The company’s commitment to product excellence, community integrity, financial sustainability and giving back aligns with their principles. Through Bravenly, Dr. Bietz is excited to once again help bring products to the world that truly WORK and bring positive results, and to foster a global community where all members can thrive and make a meaningful difference.

About Bravenly

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