MKX Network Rutney Sluis & Jason Tyne’s Wealth Dominance Seminar

Unlocking True Wealth: Insights from Rutney Sluis & Jason Tyne’s Wealth Dominance Seminar

MKX Network, a company with a mission to Educate and Empower Humanity towards True Wealth,” recently hosted an exclusive Wealth Dominance seminar. The event brought together Rutney Sluis, an esteemed Partner, and Jason Tyne, the Co-Founder of MKX Network, to educate attendees from around the world, all eager to gain insights on transforming their lives and achieving true wealth.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Rutney Sluis started the seminar by sharing his journey into network marketing, which began at 16. Despite initial success, he faced significant mindset challenges that led him to a standstill. His turning point came with an invitation to a Tony Robbins event in London, where he discovered the power of the mind and how thoughts influence actions.

Sluis, not just a speaker but a practitioner, went on to build multi-million dollar training businesses using psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy to reshape internal beliefs.

The seminar focused on the attendees’ objectives, plans, and any obstacles preventing them from reaching their goals. 

Rutney Sluis’ Eye-Opening Insights

Attendees explored the importance of working on one’s inner world to achieve true wealth and success. Sluis emphasized breaking free from limiting beliefs and emotional chains and shared personal experiences to illustrate the transformative power of mindset shifts. 

“You have to understand and work on your subconscious mind because that’s the captain of your ship.”

Rutney Sluis MKX Network

The overarching theme focused on creating a life of wealth, freedom, and personal growth. The seminar included self-assessment activities, encouraging participants to honestly evaluate different aspects of their lives. Sluis challenged participants to commit fully to changing their lives, noting that

“80% of the process is psychological and only 20% is strategy”. 

One lucky participant won a spot in the coveted “Millionaire Mindshift Program,” a 90-day initiative by MKX Network to help individuals discover their financial blueprint, reprogram their beliefs, and redefine their identity. 

Jason Tyne: Decoding the Language of Money for True Wealth

“I believe that every single person out there trying to make money ought to have access to education, and they ought to be empowered through events like today’s wealth dominance seminar to break down the old beliefs and build up the new ones.”

Jason Tyne, a passionate and seasoned educator who’s been mentored by the most influential minds of our time, such as Robert Kiyosaki, Gary Vee, and Tony Robbins, dove into the essence of true wealth and the path to financial dominance. He introduced a framework based on the MKX Network philosophy of make, keep, and multiply to guide participants on their wealth creation journey.

Jason Tyne MKX Network

Tyne challenged conventional views on money, distinguishing between money and true wealth. He aimed to equip participants with a mindset to understand the language and dynamics of money and achieve financial wealth. Participants engaged in a strategic approach to wealth, exploring three types of income—earned, passive, and portfolio.

“Most people make money through earned income, but if you want to move towards wealth, you’re going to have to accumulate and start to have a strategy on how you create the other two types of income.”

Tyne encouraged a shift from relying solely on earned income to building passive and portfolio income streams. The ultimate goal, he said, is reaching a point where portfolio income surpasses active income.

A Holistic Approach to True Wealth

Rutney Sluis and Jason Tyne’s Wealth Dominance seminar gave a holistic approach to true wealth. Sluis focused on overcoming limiting beliefs and fostering a mindset shift, while Tyne decoded the language of money and presented a strategic roadmap to financial freedom. Together, they provided a transformative experience that goes beyond money, guiding participants towards a life of lasting and fulfilling wealth.

About MKX Network

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