$300 Million E-Commerce Success Paves The Way For GOFINITY Launch

For Brock and Tymeka Lawrence, “limits” are invitations to go beyond. They have a history of overcoming obstacles, building success out of next-to-nothing, and surpassing even their own lofty goals.

In recent years, their primary venture has been Hairfinity, a hair-care brand that has conquered the social media environment and captured a massive, almost cult-like following reaching over $300 million dollars in sales.

On the strength of that achievement, they are ready to go even bigger with the launch of GOFINITY, a direct selling company with unlimited potential.

Tymeka created Hairfinity when she was in college earning first a bachelor’s and then a master’s degree in engineering. She’d always struggled with her own hair and was frustrated in her search for products that could help. A natural-born entrepreneur and inventor, she embarked on a period of intense research and began formulating her own products.

Sharing them with friends, and watching their enthusiastic response, she realized she’d created a winning formula, not just for hair but for a viable business. With her husband Brock, she launched the products online and the company took off.

The success of this venture sprang from the sheer quality of the product, and also from the care the team took to educate their customers. Hair problems aren’t static. They vary from person to person, and even from day to day for the same person.

Hairfinity made a name for engaging with customers about their hair challenges and helping them find exact solutions to match their needs. This philosophy of personal attention lays the foundation for the new company, GOFINITY.

A Great New Adventure

With its own in-house lab and chemist, GOFINITY is launching with its own hair product line, Hairfinity Elite. Based on the original, but with innovative formulas and even higher standards of product quality, the Hairfinity Elite collection offers customers a whole new experience of hair care. It includes products for “beauty from the inside out”.

This collection features a unique daily vitamin supplement named Beautonic.  This delicious vitamin drink comes in a handy sachet that mixes in water, which is perfect for home use and for busy people on the go.  Next, the customizable hair care line is taking personalization to the next level.

This groundbreaking system allows customers to create unique shampoos and conditioners for their hair’s specific needs using range of “power shots” with ingredients to address different hair issues, from dry hair, to split ends, to hair loss. That means the customer can create individualized formulas — and adjust them as their hair needs change and improve.

Explaining her approach to product formulation, Tymeka explains: “We listen to customers and give them what they’re asking for. We never want to waste their money: our products work, and they deliver value far above their price.” 

Health is a priority for GOFINITY, and the Hairfinity Elite products are formulated to be as clean as possible, with a high focus on plant-based actives. They are “10-free,” with no silicones, sulphates, or other harmful chemicals common in cheaper hair products.

GOFINITY also has Wellfinity and Menfinity product collections catering to wellness, personal care, beauty, grooming and lifestyle.

Brock & Tymeka Lawrence Gofinity CEO’s

Sharing the Journey

To bring their products to market, GOFINITY has chosen a direct selling business model. As entrepreneurs themselves, the founders have a special commitment to helping others embrace a life of business independence.

Brock explains:

“We decided that it was time to take our advertising dollars out of the hands of the big advertisers and put it in the hands of ordinary people…the same people who supported our business and helped it achieve success.”

As a direct selling opportunity, GOFINITY has striking advantages over the numerous alternatives available today. It is building on a hugely successful online brand. The new Hairfinity Elite collection will complement the existing product line, while remaining distinct, and will be made available through independent distributors known as GOFINITY Consultants.

The company’s commitment to product quality, and its proven ability to build a huge and enthusiastic customer base, should impress anyone looking for a new business.  The compensation program is exceptionally generous, rewarding participants at every level of the organization. That means a beginner investing a few hours a week can look forward to quickly seeing financial rewards. At the same time, someone hoping to build a major new career has all the resources in GOFINITY to surpass their highest goals.

Finally, there is the company’s remarkable culture, which is rooted in its equally remarkable founders. Tymeka and Brock had already proved their capabilities early in life. Brock owned several successful businesses, while Tymeka built an impressive career as an engineer (one of few women of color) in the energy industry. Then they built Hairfinity as a massively successful, and still thriving, operation.

Their success in every endeavor was based on unwavering integrity and their authentic commitment to serve others. Now, with a loyal hand-picked executive team, Tymeka and Brock are throwing open the doors to thousands of budding entrepreneurs. This is a company with heart, purpose and vision, built on rock-solid foundations of existing success.


Founded by natural-born entrepreneurs and inventors, GOFINITY is a health and beauty-focused company comprised of go-getters who revel in the next level of innovative science. GOFINITY provides people with the opportunity to customize their personal care, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit the ability to create a customized career. For more information, please visit gofinity.com.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease. GOFINITY makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with GOFINITY results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, dedication, skill, competence, and leadership. Your results will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

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