APLGO Kicks Off the Year with Exclusive Event

APLGO kicked off the year with its main event, GOLDEN PEOPLE, a private party celebrating the birthday of APLGO’s President and Founder, Sergey Kulikov.

Attendance was by personal invitation only. The selected leaders invited to the event were automatically inducted into the Presidential Club and received a gold pin with the ‘SK’ logo and a diamond as a sign of the President’s personal recognition and respect.

Traditionally, the President invites only 30 guests to the event which features exclusive trips to amazing destinations with top-quality hotels and exquisite dinners. These are incredible tours that most people can only dream of. It is an opportunity to connect with the best in the MLM world and, most importantly, it offers the unique chance to get motivation from the President of the Company in an informal setting.

This year, the GOLDEN PEOPLE event was held in Vietnam, a country known for its stunning natural beauty, bustling cities, well-maintained infrastructure, modern architecture, and design.

The company leaders were treated to a dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, which was as exhilarating as a glass of champagne. The evening was filled with a variety of delectable dishes, live music, and warm interactions, leaving a lasting impression on the guests.

The leaders of APLGO stayed at Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection in Saigon. Their rooms, located on the 50th floor or higher, provided breathtaking views of the city’s skyline. The guests were pleased with the exceptional service, as well as an impressive pool, saunas, and spa facilities.

The GOLDEN PEOPLE program included a river tour of Saigon, visits to the Company’s top regional service centers in Vietnam, and a luxurious event in Hanoi.

The rich program, luxurious service, and friendly atmosphere made this event an unforgettable experience that delighted and motivated the Company’s associates to reach new heights.


APLGO is an 11-year-old company which began expansion in the US, LatAm and Philippines in the last two years. APLGO features a category creator product “Rapid DNA Lozenges” and a compensation plan that pays out 63% on the dollar.

Our experienced corporate team is dedicated to the success of our associates led owner Sergei Kulikov, a successful, international network marketing leader. Our head office consists of six departments and sixteen divisions, with 14 global warehouses and more to come. We consult with top-tier providers to ensure every aspect of the business is solid and scalable. For more information, please visit us.aplgo.com.

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