Brandi Green: Steering GOVVI Towards a Brighter Future

GOVVI has emerged as a premier global e-commerce platform, marking its place as an industry frontrunner. At the heart of it all stands Brandi Green, the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Brandi’s professional and personal journey genuinely reflects her forward-thinking influence of vision, determination, and strategic leadership. 

As the only woman on an executive team full of men, Brandi is inspirational as she masterfully represents strong female entrepreneurial leaders, revolutionizing and elevating GOVVI’s success to new heights.

Introduction and Background

“My journey to becoming COO at GOVVI was fueled by 20 years of experience across various roles in the Wholesale and Home Accents industry,” Brandi shares.

Her transition into the GOVVI executive team was a leap inspired by the pursuit of a new challenge, encouraged by her husband, Burke, and his co-founders, Lance and Angel. “It’s been a transformative experience, filled with new opportunities and exciting challenges,” she reflects.

Company Vision and Mission

“At GOVVI, our mission is to enhance well-being on every level,” Brandi explains. What sets GOVVI apart is the founders’ unique perspective as former distributors, offering an invaluable insight that influences every decision towards promoting a supportive and enriching community.

Leadership and Management

Brandi’s leadership philosophy is all about leading by example and fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. “GOVVI serves as a safe space for making mistakes, allowing us to learn and grow together,” she asserts.

Challenges and Achievements

One of the most significant challenges Brandi has faced is managing the rapid growth of a young company. “Introducing new products every six weeks presents a unique set of challenges,” she says. Despite these hurdles, Brandi takes immense pride in her team’s ability to work collaboratively, valuing each member’s unique skills and talents.

Innovation and Technology

“Owning our technology gives us a clear advantage,” states Brandi. She highlights the team’s continuous efforts to enhance GOVVI’s technology, including the potential implementation of artificial intelligence to further innovate the business.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Brandi is thrilled about GOVVI’s philanthropic initiative, GOVVI Gives, overseen by the Director of Philanthropy, Jill Welch. “Through GOVVI Gives, we actively engage in humanitarian causes, incorporating philanthropy into every event worldwide,” she explains.

Market Trends and Competition

Staying ahead of evolving market trends is crucial. “Our founders’ extensive experience and network keep us informed and agile, enabling us to adapt and thrive,” Brandi notes.

Future Plans and Vision

Looking ahead, Brandi envisions GOVVI becoming a $100+ million company with a significant global presence. “I’m excited for the amazing leaders we will attract and the lives we will change for the better,” she anticipates.

Personal Insights

Brandi finds fulfillment in creating a positive impact and empowering others, especially women. “Empowering others to enhance their health and financial well-being brings me profound satisfaction,” she shares.

Final Thoughts

Brandi’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders is to remain flexible and adaptable. Reflecting on her aspirations, she hopes to leave a legacy of resilience, problem-solving, and unwavering support. “I aim to foster an environment where sincerity and a genuine desire for the success of others shine through,” Brandi concludes.

Through her leadership at GOVVI, Brandi Green is not only shaping the future of the company but also inspiring a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. Her journey from the home accents industry to the pinnacle of GOVVI’s operations illustrates the limitless potential of embracing change and pursuing one’s passions with dedication and strategic insight.


GOVVI is a pioneering e-commerce company that has transformed the shopping experience for lifestyle products. Through its subscription-based model, GOVVI offers customers unparalleled access to cutting-edge products while fostering a community-driven ethos of growth and giving back. For more information, please visit

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