GO Global Launches Their Second Annual Convention in Turkey

Hidden from people’s eyes, GO Global, the fastest-growing network company in the world, launched their second TAKEOFF event in Istanbul, Turkey.

Exclusively attended by hundreds of industry leaders from Europe and the Middle East, the event can be summarized in 3 words, motivational, inspirational, and informational!

From the moment the participants reached the Renaissance Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, they were welcomed with red carpet treatments and camera lights blitzing every step they took.

“The TAKEOFF Middle East and Europe launch event in Istanbul was an amazing success. With many new updates, a lot of excitement, tons of pictures, and most importantly, recognition, we had so many new faces, and that’s exactly what we’re always very excited about.”

– Nader Poordeljoo, CEO of GO Global

As if the splendor at the front door wasn’t enough, the participants were awed one more time when they entered the convention room. The spacious and energizing atmosphere blew their minds away.

The event takes off with an exclusive training session from a world-class trainer, Cheri Tree, delivering her signature program on a unique personality profiling method.

It’s a method she perfected over the years for the network marketing industry, where the foundational idea can be dated back thousands of years.

This exact method is worth thousands of dollars and is responsible for increasing sales by up to 300% for participants. However, the participants got to learn it live from the mastermind behind the method, leaving a deeper impact on their understanding.

While on break, the participants’ moods were lifted when DJ Teddy-O, a world-known DJ who worked with BIG names in the entertainment industry, played his energizing music.

Filled with excitement, the participants were then brought up to the stage one person after another to receive their recognition rewards and deliver motivational speeches.

With luxury watches, exclusive travel experiences to exotic destinations, high-end gadgets, and their most-desired product in the crypto world, the INFIN8 MONEY Crypto Cards, to lucky draw giveaways created an incredible buzz!

Each reward served as a testament to GO Global’s commitment to excellence.

“The TAKEOFF event in Istanbul was absolutely incredible! We announced so many things, like the GO Foundation, the Founder Program, the training from Cheri Tree, and leadership panels. The next 90 days will be filled with momentum following this event!”

– A.K. Khalil, COO of GO Global.

Throughout the event, attendees were invited to leave a positive impact on the lives of children in Turkey.

GO Foundation, a project that GO Global created to share the blessing of their success with the world, announced their partnership with Boğaziçi Özel Eğitim, an organization that was built to support and help children with special needs in Istanbul, Turkey.

Over $4,000 was raised for the cause, and the cheque was handed over on the stage to Boğaziçi Özel Eğitim’s representative, where she was welcomed with thunderous applause from the audience.

The curtain was lowered after GO Global announced a new product that revolutionized the entertainment industry as the first and only subscribe-to-earn streaming platform, where you’ll earn rewards when you subscribe to the platform. 

In addition to the luxurious rewards earned and the knowledge obtained from the training, attendees are filled with new determination and motivation to push them toward success. 

But instead of leaving the convention room, attendees spent their time connecting, expanding their network even further. Smiles, handshakes, and contacts were exchanged between themselves and the company’s founders. Capturing the moment as a true family.

With two successfully launched TAKEOFF events in Thailand and Turkey, GO Global is ready to take over the next part of the world, Latin America.

Keep your eyes open, because Colombia will get to experience the hype that GO Global brings to their TAKEOFF event.

About GO Global
GO Global is an affiliate marketing company offering various digital products and solutions.  Of which include an education platform providing the best online training for personal and professional growth as well as its INFIN8 MONEY cash card that allows anyone to easily convert their crypto currencies into cash for use at an ATM or anywhere major credit cards are accepted worldwide.

The company aims to empower individuals with the tools and resources they need to succeed in all areas of their life. To know more, visit us at goglobal.network 

Get more information, facts and figures about Go Global, click here for the Go Global overview.

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