Paola Torres And Salvatore Conforti Join Impact Global

Paola Torres and Salvatore Conforti view Network Marketing as a platform not only for financial gain but also for profound personal transformation and an opportunity to impact the world around us.

Their reputation for conducting business with unwavering integrity and ethical standards has left an indelible mark on their teams and the broader community over the course of twelve years.

Their current endeavor with Impact Global marks the realization of their most ambitious aspirations. They are deeply aligned with the company’s mission to establish a globally recognized brand that empowers entrepreneurs to create lasting legacies for future generations.

Reflecting on their decision, Paola said:

“Impact Global has truly touched our hearts with its mission to change lives worldwide. We were drawn to the company’s products, support system, and above all, the integrity of its founders. Impact Global is more than a business. Impact Global is a company like no other.

In just the few months we’ve been with the company, we have participated in two mission trips to La Guajira, have distributed over 500 toys for the holidays, and have served over 6000 meals to underprivileged children. Our journey is just beginning. We’re eager to impact millions of lives worldwide.”

Impact Global is a forward-thinking company that that aims to connect individuals around a common purpose. Impact Global aims to reset the financial paradigm of people. It strives to equip them with the tools needed to turn their dreams into plans and foster a growing community of people who are passionately driven by impacting the world together.

Salvatore added,

“Our families, teams, and communities deserve honest and abundant opportunities to create meaningful change. Impact Global is made by distributors, for distributors. The products have the highest quality and innovation we have ever seen. The compensation plan surpasses that of any other company in the industry.

And its mission of impacting millions of lives throughout the world resonates with us. Today, we’re building a community of entrepreneurs who are reshaping the world. The era for the most visionary networkers to unite in the pursuit of a better world is here and now.”

Jed Buenaluz, the founder of Impact Global, shared his admiration for Paola and Salvatore, stating,

“I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Paola and Salvatore for over five years. Their work ethic, dedication, and integrity never fail to inspire me.

When we join forces with a shared purpose, the possibilities become boundless, and the outcomes truly remarkable. We’re committed to empowering individuals to become the best versions of themselves, and we’re immensely grateful for Paola and Salvatore for joining us on this journey.”

About Impact Global

Impact Global Lifestyle LLC is a privately-owned network marketing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, that is revolutionizing the industry with its fresh and innovative approach. By offering a multi-vertical approach that includes both digital and physical products, the company provides a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs globally.

The product offerings include an online education platform, luxury lifestyle services, premium wellness, skincare products, and a compensation plan that is unmatched in the industry. Impact Global’s mission is to create a purpose-built brand that positively disrupts the network marketing industry by empowering individuals with effective products and a movement that makes it easy to fall in love with.

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