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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 11 reviews)

Per year: $54.81 million

Per month: $4.57 million

Per week: $1.05 million

Per day: $150,164

Per hour: $6,256.85

Per minute: $104.28

per second: $1.74

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Frazer teaches core skills, social media, and leadership, as well as the importance of Network Marketing due to his unique story of growing up with 2 successful parents in the industry.

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APLGO Celebrates Its 9Th Anniversary

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 11 reviews)
Daniela Kolarova2020-10-28 19:52:55

APL GO is a company of a new formation! It is a revolution in the MLM industry and has no analogue! There is no more generous and fair marketing plan! And the product is food from the future. Fantastic, tasty and very useful! Sergey Kulikov is an innovator and it is an honor and pleasure for me to be one of the leaders in this amazing Company! Here you can earn unlimited. A company professes values ​​that are in short supply today! It makes me feel confident and strong. I believe and know that the MLM industry is the new business model of the future and in APL everyone expects great success!

Sherigirl Bonay2020-10-26 20:09:51

The owner really cares about his members!
He is always surprising us with amazing monthly promotions! Our Presidents call is always something to look forward to!
Leadership is phenomenal!
The product is second to none!
Compensation plan best in the industry!

I was talking to a doctor the other day & He said to me:
"Do you have any idea the power that you have in your hands? To be able to capture negative ions from the environment and infuse them into a product? That is beyond amazing! You are going to change a lot of lives little girl!"
and that's exactly what I'm doing…

Come join our family! We have a lot of fun!

Kazbek Kabduldinov2020-10-21 08:34:32

The MLM industry, represented by APL, has declared itself publicly: on September 16, our product took first place in the international rating conducted by the independent BUSSINECE FOR HOME portal, and today we learned that APL was ranked 21st among 100 global companies. it speaks about the stability of the company, recognition by the world community. All this became possible thanks to the founder and president of the company Sergey Sergeevich Kulikov. This is a man who made himself through his perseverance, perseverance, farsightedness and determination. Sergey Kulikov, selling real estate in Spain at the age of 21, earned his first million dollars.

Julia Flynn Werre2020-09-24 09:38:14

The products are just so powerful. All my life I have used "vitamins" and "OTC products" but nothing has so positively impacted my healthy as APLgo's family of DNA Drops. So happy I made the switch! Plus they're yummy 😀
I am so surprised (and relieved) at how quickly RLX goes to work helping me fall asleep so quickly! No sleep aids, self-hypnosis, boring tv shows, heavy reading, melatonin, valerian or other stuff… just let a DNA drop melt in your mouth and you're gently drifting off to sleep.
So comforting!

I no longer wake with pain in my neck and shoulders! I wake up fully rested and no grogginess or fogginess!

I love taking my NRM during the day, too! Metabolism and energy support are my two daily concerns, but NRM has me covered!

Gundi H.2020-09-14 10:27:22

Very helpful and powerful products. I use them since 2 years. I love especially SLD for sports. GTS is giving me power for the day. BRN helps me for concentration. My whole family is using APL for a lot of different reasons. My nieces are happy to get sweets for health. ALT is a great product for Allergie. Whenever my body shows me any symptom I can find a helpful APL product. ICE is great after drinking to much alcohol to safe my stomach or SPT for headache. It is easy to carry it around and have it near by any time.

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