APL GO - Overview CY (CY)

Review score:
★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 29 reviews)

Per year: $63.00 million

Per month: $5.25 million

Per week: $1.21 million

Per day: $172,603

Per hour: $7,191.78

Per minute: $119.86

per second: $2.00

Since viewing this page: N/A

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 29 reviews)
NEVER be without my drop2021-02-23 19:29:17

These babies are da bomb! All day energy I feel giddy like a schoolgirl with the mood enhancing properties in these things… I'll never be without them!
Best product on the market
Best company and best pay plan!
absolute best leadership! Second to none!
they have amazing promotions too… I have never seen anything like this!
I never have to remember to take these delicious drops! They taste so good! My biggest dilemma is not sitting here eating all of my profits! LOL! What a dilemma to have! I will eat a whole box of the GTS that tastes like a pineapple life saver if I'm not careful!

Curry Russell2021-02-15 01:59:53

I have been with APLGO in the US market since July 27, 2020. We have never made this level of income in previous companies. Having a product that so many actually WANT is incredible, When they find out it's a product that they actually NEED that is a huge bonus. I am a TYPE 2 individual and our products are helping drive my BG numbers to normal levels daily. We have some of the fastest growing teams in the world and we are so thrilled to be welcoming new team members to the team daily. I am HOOKED and I love this company.

Ruth Mayne2021-02-09 05:19:09

Sergei has, in my opinion the utopia of product & comp plan.
Products that don't need to be defended, there is nothing else like them
the ingredients have thousands of peer reviewed results .
Certified Kosher, Halal, (beyond organic) NON GMO, VEGAN, no artificial flavor/color/sweeteners. It does not get much cleaner than that!
the products work quickly for lots of occasional ailments. I use several of them daily!
They taste incredible! anyone can take them as you do not need to worry about swallowing large pills, or mixing up anything. you simply POP A DROP into your mouth and suck it till its gone! ITS THAT SIMPLE!
The compensation plan is nothing short of amazing! ANYONE can partake at the top levels % wise, it will make your jaw drop!
I highly suggest this company from both a product & comp plan perspective! and am happy to share more info with anyone who wishes! www.dnahighlife.com

Nese Kural2021-01-31 13:46:43

I am very happy and proud of being a member of such an amazing company APL. Products are wonderful commissions are high so in the new century i found the true company to work with thank you do much APL I want everybody knows our company and product for an healthy life style The owner of our company MR Sergey also a great man he put us the first step in the company so he is trying help us trying to make us happy thanks a lot.And we are a Big family and growing day by day. Apl is the future company.

Joel jomama Morrissette2021-01-19 23:43:25

Love both the products and the commissions. Definitely the one stop shop for those looking for a home-based business. A few of my favorite drops are RLX which helps me to sleep at night. I have a friend who loves RLX for his anxiety. I also have your more than occasional heartburn and ICE provides me instant relief! My favorite one for work and play is BRN (my hobby and my job is billiards). BRN helps my focus and natural cognitive abilities so I can either multi-task or run a rack. Which of the 16 varieties will you love?
And when it comes to Direct Sales to his has been the easiest niche in the health industry as it tastes like candy with incredible flavors; yet it provides so many health benefits. This biz is like giving candy to a baby.

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