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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews)

Per year: $54.81 million

Per month: $4.57 million

Per week: $1.05 million

Per day: $150,164

Per hour: $6,256.85

Per minute: $104.28

per second: $1.74

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Sergei Kulikov CEO Of APL GO Launches The USA Market

Sergei Kulikov CEO Of APL GO Launches The USA Market

Sergei Kulikov is a unique owner. He has an incredible amount of energy and he likes people. He has an incredible amount of energy and he enjoys helping people reach their goals. As a 17 year-old ...
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Nina Shashukova From Russia One Of APL Go's Top Earners

Nina Shashukova From Russia One Of APL Go’s Top Earners

Recently Russia based APL GO launched in the USA Network Marketing Market and finished first in the Product Poll 2020. Top Earner Nina Shashukova stated:  I am a network marketing professional and 20 years in the ...
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews)
Julia Flynn Werre2020-09-24 09:38:14

The products are just so powerful. All my life I have used "vitamins" and "OTC products" but nothing has so positively impacted my healthy as APLgo's family of DNA Drops. So happy I made the switch! Plus they're yummy 😀
I am so surprised (and relieved) at how quickly RLX goes to work helping me fall asleep so quickly! No sleep aids, self-hypnosis, boring tv shows, heavy reading, melatonin, valerian or other stuff… just let a DNA drop melt in your mouth and you're gently drifting off to sleep.
So comforting!

I no longer wake with pain in my neck and shoulders! I wake up fully rested and no grogginess or fogginess!

I love taking my NRM during the day, too! Metabolism and energy support are my two daily concerns, but NRM has me covered!

Gundi H.2020-09-14 10:27:22

Very helpful and powerful products. I use them since 2 years. I love especially SLD for sports. GTS is giving me power for the day. BRN helps me for concentration. My whole family is using APL for a lot of different reasons. My nieces are happy to get sweets for health. ALT is a great product for Allergie. Whenever my body shows me any symptom I can find a helpful APL product. ICE is great after drinking to much alcohol to safe my stomach or SPT for headache. It is easy to carry it around and have it near by any time.

Nadezhda2020-09-13 00:18:04

Hello. I’m from Russia. We began to use this product since 2018 year. Magic drops, unbelievable results, good health, a miracle with great opportunities- all these words are about apl drops. We use them with great pleasure. We have a huge energy for all day.These vitamins are amazing. We love this product. They help us to be healthy , wealthy, energetic and strong. We have a good mood without stress or depression. I use 5 or 6 drops every day. My health is in my hands. I want to live one hundred years. With this product it is possible, I am sure!!! I wish you to be healthy with these drops.

Kauri Thompson2020-09-01 05:07:56

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of any company is the OWNER. Compensation plans and product lines can be altered at anytime and they are. Owner Sergey Kulikov is a former distributor and built an 11,000 person downline before the American company he was with sold to a new owner. He made his first million at 21 in real estate and by 24 he had amassed a small fortune. He fulfilled his lifelong dream by starting APL 8.5 years ago and against all odds he has succeeded with launching the US. Market. APLGO's website reflects structured compliant product claims, FDA product registration and a compensation plan that businessforhome published a 63% payout in 2019. Other notable facts; category creator Anion DNA Drops product line, Hybrid Ninery, and a company where the owner owns 100% and has total control. Sergey owns the tech behind the product as well as the manufacturing facility which can produce 100,000 boxes of product in 2 – 8 hour shifts.
APLGO is in whisper launch with 14 global facilities already established. We am looking for leaders to open global markets. For more info, youtube APLGO overview.

APL IS UNIQUE IN EVERYTHING!2020-08-31 10:17:45

APL PRESIDENT SERGEY KULIKOV – young, talented, ambitious, proactive, persistent, instantly catching the trends of the times. Its goal is to take the company to a leading position by 2021 with $ 1 billion in revenue and to bring 20 euro millionaires to the scene, earning 1 million euros a month.

15 sources of income
Any application status from $ 25
Numerous bonuses including a new customer bonus
Maximum adaptability to new economic conditions
Commission Payout – 2019: 63.00%

Dragee APLGO is a natural, healthy, innovative product for maintaining health, youth and beauty! Highly effective, absolutely safe food for cells

Ideal for raising your professional level and achieving Success even in conditions of mass isolation!

The most exotic countries, amazing corners of the planet! Partners have already visited several dozen countries around the world! APL Cruises is a separate topic! Ultramodern liner, interesting routes, adventures, theme party!
APL does EVERYTHING for the good of its partners!

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