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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 19 reviews)

Est. per year: $2.10 million

Est. per month: $175,000

Est. per week: $40,385

Est. per day: $5,753.42

Est. per hour: $239.73

Est. per minute: $4.00

Est. per second: $0.07

Est. since viewing this page: N/A

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 19 reviews)
Luis Zorrilla2021-08-28 04:02:25

“My purpose is to Share the Treasure of Knowledge” John Sachtouras. Ascira was Created and build on a foundation of sharing the Treasure of Knowledge around the World, helping people improve their quality of life through a variety of online educational courses. That inspired me to join to this Amazing opportunity. Ascira’s Goal is Quite Simple We are here to help Fulfill your Dreams. Ascira is an option of business with Lifestyle through internet and Great Service to the final recipient “The Customer” Ascira Vision is to connect Beyond a Billion people around the World through the integration of three of the most powerful industries under one umbrella: Network Marketing, Social Media and E-Commerce, while offering our valued IMA’s one of the most lucrative competition plans in the industry.

Protopsalti Hara2021-02-15 19:57:17

Is the best way to achieve your goals, live the life you want, and helping others to do the same. It has nothing to do with any known MLM so far. The money you invest is nothing even for people like me, living and working in Greece, a country deep in crisis for more than 10 years now, no matter what the "news" say.
An absolutely ideal Mall, it doesn't involve any specific products, you choose whatever you like and you just purchase it. It has an astonishing Academy with any kind of seminars/webinars in a loooottt of languages. Travel, is my favorite, with endless choices and affordable offers. And finally you socialise with people with a positive attitude whatsoever!

Ruth2021-02-15 16:48:36

Amazing company for the people, will learn, we grow, we earn and we succeed together !
I never had so much values and support from my family business, I enjoy every training and presentations we have. Thank you for your professionalism and help everyday.
Great people, Great leaders that help to be leader ourself also !
I am excited to see the other different phases are coming to impact the people in the world, with education, social lifestyle, travelling and shopping. All in one single plateform! Thank you for this brilliant opportunity.
I am sure that Ascira will explode all the existing MLM !

Ioannis Kiourtzis & Dimitra Kampani2021-02-07 23:00:04

ASCIRA born from a dream and a mission to change the world. To create a company that would help people positively transform their lives. A company built for the people. A global network of progressive, forward-thinking social entrepreneurs who together could propel change. An organization that would provide the framework and the support they needed to succeed.
ASCIRA is a social lifestyle community with a network of entrepreneurs, working together to find new ways of thinking. A world in which every individual, and each organization, is committed to creating change and enhancing the lives of others.
We are very proud to be part of Ascira

Lisa Gassmann2021-02-07 19:02:31

Klasse Unternehmen mit vielen Möglichkeiten aufzusteigen. Sehr guter Vergütungsplan und prima Unterstüzung von allen Mitgliedern. Außerdem bietet Ascira Reisen auf einem anderen Niveau an. Was es davor noch nicht gegeben hat. Nirgends kann man billiger den eigenen Urlaub buchen. Social Media, E-Commerce etc. werden in nächster Zeit bei Ascira, den Markt erobern.

Ascira ist nicht wie alle anderen Network Marketing Unternehmen. Es ist eine Lifestyle Community, welche die Menschen mit einander verbindet. Weltweit kann jeder bei Ascira Mitglied werden und wird es nicht bereuen . Das schöne ist, auch Menschen in Ländern wie Afrika oder Brasilien können mit einsteigen .

Somit kann ich es nur weiter empfehlen.

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