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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 22 reviews)
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 22 reviews)
Kelly Heffner 2023-05-31 04:43:28

I was introduced to Beyond Slim just as I was walking away from the industry because I was so burnt out and didn't like the direction it was going. After trying the product I absolutely fell in love with it, not only was the taste incredible but I felt better than I had in a long time and I was really getting results! The product was truly doing what I was told it would do! I decided to give it one last go in the business and I am so glad that I did! This business is hands down the best I have ever been a part of. What Ray has created here is so incredible and truly takes the yuck out of traditional MLM and I am so beyond blessed to be a part of the BYS family.

Jody Bowles 2023-05-31 02:55:09

Holy Cow!! This stuff is amazing! At age 71, having 2 surgeries in 2 months can really knock you down… and it did until I started drinking Zip Slim every morning and afternoon! I’m back on track with my exercise and weight loss program and it has been truly painless!! You start making a return on your investment after the first couple of months. No product to stock and you know you are making people feel good! Plus you have a great supportive group to help you build your business!! I highly recommend joining this awesome opportunity either as a customer or a business, preferably both!

Jodi 2023-05-28 18:31:23

I absolutely love the way this drink makes me feel! 30 mins after my morning drink I feel amazing. I was able to break a long stall. The thing with anything is it takes consistency. I’ve been drinking this lemonade 2x a day for 7 weeks and will not go a day without it again! It truly is a total body health drink! The support from fellow coaches is the best I’ve experienced!! I’m very impressed. I highly recommend that whether you want to become a coach or just a subscriber this company is the place. The community is so supportive.

Mimi Sheffer 2023-05-28 18:20:13

So good! I love this conpany, the culture and the opportunity. People can WIN here, which is a huge difference! That early, emotional win allows people to get excited, stay excited and get emotionally invested. When new coaches are winning, it sets a great tone for the entire structure.

So many people aren't winning at their other companies…..and looking for a chance to make a living. We have the best opportunity right here. This is a legacy conpany with a legacy opportunity. And our company culture is incredibly inclusive.

Our products ate great and work really well! Let's go!!

Jessica Gouine 2023-05-28 18:10:20

Love love love this company. Where has this product been all my life. Life changing for both my husband and myself. My thoughts were I believe in the individual ingredients and was taking them as supplements so why not kick the pill form to the curb and start drinking them instead. No longer fighting my toddler( I mean husband 😂) into taking it. Because he loves the taste just as much as I do. So I jumped in feet first with this company so I can help change lives of so many by letting them know exactly what it is doing for us. Did I mention life changing for my husband and myself. Again where has this product been all my life. It truly has me in tears seeing what it is doing for my husband that has an autoimmune disease. No pain pills since we started it. Less inflammation. There is more to this product then weight loss.

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