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★★★★ (4 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews)

Per year: $14.70 million

Per month: $1.23 million

Per week: $282,692

Per day: $40,274

Per hour: $1,678.08

Per minute: $27.97

per second: $0.47

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Essens Rating by Business For Home

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★★★★ (4 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews)
Valentin2020-09-03 17:45:16

Essens turned out to be a failure. I worked in this company for 3 years. I am disappointed with both the product and the president. Let me explain why. The first is the quality of the product. Over the past year, it is obvious and has deteriorated significantly. There are constant complaints from customers. The second is wages. Too many distributors are not paid their money. There are even fines. Little partners don't know about it. This goes for the top leaders. There are very few of them. The company is not developing. Blocks contracts of top leaders who go out to high income. The company does not contact partners.

Aura Danila2020-07-05 19:22:51

Am decis sa cunosc compania in Februarie 2020,pana atunci eu stiam ca produce doar parfumuri,dar cand am cerut detalii am descoperit o gama foarte larga de produse si de foarte buna calitate,un plan de Marketing unde castiga toata lumea,ador produsele si compania Essens ❤️

Sponsorizez o echipa,imi place mult sa ajut si cand ai asa produse nu este greu.
In continuare imi comand produse ca vreau sa incerc cat mai multe sa pot recomanda din experienta propie,vin in siguranta si foarte bine ambalate!
Un produs se poate returna daca nu este pe plac,asta imi place
❤️ produsele colostrum

Anastazja Jarog 2019-02-21 01:03:24

ESSENS is a project focusing on beauty in all its forms – beauty, hygiene and health of the body, beauty and a clean attitude to business and lifestyle, the magic of developing the personality and the hidden potential of everyone of us. With ESSENS you will be pampered by the best professionals in the field who will assist you in gaining new skills and will act as guides on your journey…
As I just mentioned, Essens sells and markets a wide array of products in the niches of personal care and nutrition.

There are far too many products to list every single one in an individual fashion, but the main categories of items being sold include the following —

Men’s and women’s perfumesBody balmsBody mistsLactoferrin tables and ointmentsShower gelsAir freshenersAloe vera (supplements and cosmetics)Sun careSupplements described as being a “home pharmacy”Colostrum (supplements and cosmetics)

In addition to being able to view the entire product line on Essens’ website, you can also see all retail pricing for individual products there as well.

Šárka Ksandrová 2018-03-19 13:54:51

I have been with the company since the very beginning, and since then, Essens has become a lifestyle in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and spreads throughout Europe and Russia, where it is received with great enthusiasm, it influences our lifestyle and is loved. Emotions are the heart of the Essens company and the driving engine. We are proud of the company and we have why. The company is unique to everyone, it provides its members with a good background, a fantastic marketing plan and its members is a support, motivates to be better and better, does not compare with anyone, it is aimed at creating new trends, clinging to every detail and targeted builds a globally successful brand. We are inspired to live Essens, to make Essens, to feel Essens and to be Essens. Last year we celebrated six years of existence and we have new goals and new achievements ahead of us.

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