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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews)

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews)
Jocelyne Firmin 2019-01-27 17:16:28

I wasn’t too familiar with the Network Marketing industry and therefore did not trust it too much. In 2016, I was desperately looking for a change of career and I decided to look into FES. Mind you a month ago, I wanted to start my own credit repair business because of the high demand. When I got introduced to the company, the service made sense. Although the emphasis is on credit but there’s so much more to it; the debt management, the budgeting, amongst so many other services are my clients favorite. I love the owners’ sense of integrity and willingness to do what’s right for the longevity of the company. I found a place that I can call home and I am not looking back. If a rookie like me can come into this company and win, anyone can.

Charlotte Walker 2018-06-23 00:30:32

It was the BEST decision My Husband and I made in both OUR LIVES! NOT only do we, Help Educate people about things that should have been explained to them in High School or even Elementary School because everyone doesn’t attend College and everyone needs to be Educated in the GAME of CREDIT and how it effect and affects our LIVES every day.
But, we also (FES) created a Non-PROFIT.
We don’t just talk the talk we WALK THE WALK as well.

YOUTH FINANCIAL LITERACY FOUNDATION (YFL) where we go into the schools and teach the children, young. So they don’t have to go through what we went THROUGH in these Life’s Journey and Decisions.

We are just simply BLESSED and Proud to Be in a COMPANY that creates such OPPORTUNITY, IF YOU WANT IT!

FES came in my life when I didn’t know what I was going to do in my life because Life Happened to me and my Husband. FES gave Us PURPOSEFUL LIFE again helping not only US but everyone We know and meet SPIRITUAL, MENTALLY, HEALTH AND WELLNESS OF our BODY, FINANCES FUTURE AND IN DEATH! It gives US PEACE!

Please hold on..