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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews)

Per year: $12.60 million

Per month: $1.05 million

Per week: $242,308

Per day: $34,521

Per hour: $1,438.36

Per minute: $23.97

per second: $0.40

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Financial Education Services Rating by Business For Home

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews)
Alma Best-Johnson2020-11-24 17:31:20

I started my Network Marketing career in 1996. I've grown as a person thanks to my colleagues and self development I've participated in over the years. I've learned a level of Financial Literacy from Financial Education Services that was not taught to me in the school system. My Bachelors in Accounting taught me how to count money and balance it but not enough to get me out of the daily 9-5 rut.

I started FES because my credit was compromised and quickly saw by following the process I got my buying power back. Helping people get the financial lives in order starting with their credit has been a joy. A bonus is the annual college scholarship available to HS Seniors and College Freshman.

Tijah Parrott2020-11-14 20:13:40

This company has been so amazing for me and my husband. It was the best decision I’ve made as far as credit repair companies. In my first 90 days I gained over 140 point increase to my credit score. My husband received over 178 point increase in his first 90 days as well. If you’re looking for credit repair, this is the company to go with. I am also helping others to gain their buying power back by helping them restore their credit as well.
FES and UCES is both amazing platforms that work. I highly recommend the Protection Plan to anyone that’s looking for credit repair. And if you’d like to start your own work from home business, this is the company to get it done with.

Nicole Scott2020-10-29 05:41:25

I have not been with the company long but I am absolutely loving the growth I see personally and professionally. I also loved the fact that the startup cost was within my budget. I love that I didn’t have to worry about overhead costs when starting my business. I also get to work from home or anywhere there is a great WiFi connection and we are provided things like a website.

The products are amazing also! I am a product of the product. Everything you need to have a better understanding of how to manage your personal finances is provided. Your household budget is your finically blueprint! I’m looking at my business as a long term opportunity.

Shaq Prosper 2020-05-12 16:41:13

This company makes it so much easier for me to service my clients

I love how easy to use the services are 🙂

I also love how they compensate very well for upfront sales aswell as give agents the long term residual income growth overtime! Without this company I would have to do all the work in regards to helping my clients with their credit and finances, but now the work load is off my shoulders and I have more time to focus on growing my revenue instead of customers service.
Thank you once again FES and UCES aswell as the amazing leadership 🙌

Jocelyne Firmin 2019-01-27 17:16:28

I wasn’t too familiar with the Network Marketing industry and therefore did not trust it too much. In 2016, I was desperately looking for a change of career and I decided to look into FES. Mind you a month ago, I wanted to start my own credit repair business because of the high demand. When I got introduced to the company, the service made sense. Although the emphasis is on credit but there’s so much more to it; the debt management, the budgeting, amongst so many other services are my clients favorite. I love the owners’ sense of integrity and willingness to do what’s right for the longevity of the company. I found a place that I can call home and I am not looking back. If a rookie like me can come into this company and win, anyone can.

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