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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews)

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Breaking News: Isagenix Acquires Zija  International

Breaking News: Isagenix Acquires Zija International

Isagenix is a $800+ million company, Zija’s sales are est. $90 – $ 100 million, down 50% in the last years. Zija International was struggling with declining sales and corporate leadership issues, 2 CEO’s have been ...
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Isagenix Appoints Patrick Park As General Manager South Korea

Isagenix Appoints Patrick Park As General Manager South Korea

Isagenix International, a global health and wellness company, announces that Yongjae (Patrick) Park is newly appointed as Isagenix general manager of South Korea. With more than two decades of experience, Park has played key roles in ...
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Isagenix Rating by Business For Home

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews)
John David Wright 2018-04-23 12:01:41

I love Isagenix and I eat it every day. I expect to make a million dollars with this company. I love to share the products and business opportunity with everyone. I love to watch business training videos to sharpen my skills. I get great leadership support in the local Utah area where I live most of the time. I already have 583 on my team. I love to attend national events too. I am a veteran of many companies but this one is my favorite. So many of my friends and family cannot see it yet but I am patient.

Adam Feichter 2018-03-12 09:20:08

This company and culture has absolutely changed my life. The products are backed by science and Jim and Kathy Coover cane out of retirement (both with experience in the field) to create a company that did it right…and they nailed it! I’m so glad I’ve only been with one company and God lead me in the right direction! I’m so grateful for the health, life long friendships and the ability to help free others both physically and financially. Our team is doing amazing things and implementing strategies that are truly helping others launch their business and create momentum and we are having a lot of fun doing it!!

Starr Bauman 2018-02-25 07:37:36

The other reviews are well written and written by obvious researchers. Let me give a perspective of one who is not anyone special. I love Isagenix because it works, plain and simple. Further, with the transparency of the company, from posting research results, inviting independent study and openly sharing results, to the headquarters itself, it is easy to trust their NO COMPROMISE GUARANTEE. I was involved in other things and had the mindset I had to work myself to death at the gym in order to achieve impressive results. And, yes, killing myself at the gym, walking 10 miles a day, and basically having no life, does work; there just isn’t any fun or life outside of the gym. I would work, go to the gym, eat and sleep. Isagenix and their team of doctors, scientists and nutritionists showed it IS possible to achieve great change, with amazing nutrition. Folks, it works. First month: 22lbs gone and 15in lost over my body! THAT IS AMAZING! It is not a diet, it IS a lifestyle. And, you can contact me for questions: I have not seen or found anything better- and, believe me, I tried. Niki B., S. Jordan, UT

Ray Furlong 2017-11-08 00:15:34

My reasons for 5 stars is because Isagenix have ticked every box in the M.L.M. industry . After weeks of research on Isagenix the last thing required was to try the products so i got myself a months supply and stuck rigidly to the program and hoped i would get the desired result . Well even though Isagenix is not a diet company i did expect to lose weight in the month but 22lbs was a welcome surprise and there were more surprises because i found it extremely easy to stick to the program and there was no hunger pressure during the whole month . But the incredible feeling of well being was amazing and my knee pains which were quite bad were at least 80% better . Also the tiredness was gone and i lost the urges for coffee and sweet things which were a big problem in my diet. Now that i have lost weight and i am looking better people are beginning to ask what i am doing and this make the Isagenix program very easy to sell . To sum up Isagenix Amazing products ,exceptional comp plan ,fantastic leadership and an incredible opportunity .

Ted Nuyten 2017-06-22 10:24:15

5 stars from me because:

Isagenix is classified as Triple A (AAA+) opportunity based on key figures such as revenue, momentum, Alexa ratings, poll results, input from direct selling professionals, top earners and Head Office visits.

Business For Home recommends Isagenix. There is high certainty that the net benefit is substantial for a (new) representative.

Established in 2002, Isagenix provides systems for weight loss, energy, performance, healthy aging, and wealth creation.

With more than 550,000 Members worldwide and more than 100 life-changing products, packs, and systems, the company is committed to producing Solutions to Transform Lives.

To date, Isagenix has reached $4 billion in cumulative sales through an independent network of Associates in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Colombia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

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