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Est. Revenue 2022$207.00
Est. per year$101.43 million
Est. per month$8.45 million
Est. per week$1.95 million
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Est. per hour$11,579
Est. per minute$192.98
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 560 reviews)
Swarup Mohanty 2023-08-11 20:58:42

I have started IX Global before 18 month back when I was gone throgh a critical finqncial situation.At that time I was in a DEBT of near about $1,00,000.My life was like hell.

I came to Know about Financial market and IX global.The education and community support helped me to regain my confidence and I got Bounceback in my life.

Today I am earning six fogure monthly income.Living a debt free life.Building financial assets due to proper education.

Also want to mention that,The self development program LIVING THE LEGACY BY BOB PROCTOR has helped me to develop many good habits which will definately make me a high achiever in life.

I am thankful to the company and the leadership.

Bhaktipriya Gurumayum 2023-07-30 11:43:09

Ever since I join IX global back in 2022 October 25. I have been the brightest girl in my entire life. IX global give immense growth be it in sales, mindset, spiritual, thinking power, reflecting myself towards my betterment as a whole, and to be honest nobody came and ask me to join IX it is me myself to choose this company and that is one of my smartest choice that I have ever made in my life. I thank god that he give us our CEO on this planet earth. I thank for this opportunity every single day to God. Im loving my transformation so much . I thank God that Debtbox come into existence too. Idk I wanted to say so many things it’s endless. But Thank you thank you.
Ready for everything towards growth IX global and Debtbox.

Isaiah Molina 2023-07-12 22:07:14

I started my trading and network marketing journey over 4 years ago, and out of all the companies / platforms I have been a part of, iX Global has been the absolute best!! An amazing self-betterment platform designed to help it's members achieve both their personal and financial goals through technology, education, and community. From the phenomenal products and services to the caring / educated leaders, I am able to grow into the person I desire to be!

Whether you are looking for a part-time income or a full-time income, iX Global has the education, tools and resources to help you reach new heights! I have found a home here at iX Global. 💯

Flor Gimenez 2023-06-16 06:41:00

La mejor Compañia, el mejor plan de pagos y los mejores capitanes al mando de IX GLOBAL.
Llevo diez años en redes de mercadeo, y puedo decirte que IX GLOBAL es la mejor oportunidad para el mundo.
Su trabajo es agregar valor a su gente, con información de alto valor y desde el ejemplo.
Si buscas una empresa real, que te ayude a crecer a ti y tu equipo, te invito a conocer la compañía, no te arrepentirás!
Seguimos creciendo, aprendiendo y ganando. El mundo no necesita esperar, solo estudiar y conocer la oportunidad de cerca.

Swarup Mohanty 2023-05-29 20:59:26

Today I have completed the first part of THINK & GROW RICH ,LIVING THE LEGACY by Bob Proctor and Think and grow rich foundation.
Why I am writting this because,An organization grows when the people of that organization,grows.
Our CEO joe mtz has introduced this life changing opportunity to our community which is a true weapon for growth in every aspect of our life.

I have seen organizations where politics runs and people are jelous about each other,but here what I am feeling that Company is thinking long so that it is helping their people to add more value in their life.
I have realized that I can do,be and achieve anything which I can desire.

I am thankful to IX GLOBAL community for this wonderful step for the self development of our leaders which is really a true support to us.

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