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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews)

Per year: $8.19 million

Per month: $682,667

Per week: $157,538

Per day: $22,444

Per hour: $935.16

Per minute: $15.59

per second: $0.26

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Juuva Rating by Business For Home

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews)
Ashley Knoske2020-08-29 01:58:09

Amazing leaders in this company with natural immune boosting products! Love my Galaxy and the improvements it's been able to give others and myself. Juuva is always looking to improve it's already great products to enhance them even more. I can always count on them in my life daily and enjoy sharing them with others. A company that truly cares about the health and benefits of everyone around them. Very genuine leadership is to be found here! I had the opportunity to travel to a Utah convention, first company I had ever done that with and it felt great. Learned so much about the company and it's products

Bob Warsaw2020-08-25 06:05:23

Outstanding company! The quality of the company shows in leadership and in every product. They all work and are fun to demonstrate! We started to feel the impact on our health right away and felt more energy, stamina and got rid of lingering pain. We don't get sick anymore. It feels great to find next generation amazing products wrapped in the ideal business model giving us a great home based business. Many people who never found success in other network companies find success in JUUVA! Juuva has an amazingly simple process that is supported with team work and technology. Take the 30% challenge by contacting JUUVA to see how much more money you will make each week for your efforts. http://bdwarsaw.juuva.biz

Jeff Bracken2020-08-05 22:10:42

After being disappointed with our last company and the owners. We went on a year long search to find the right company for us. We looked at over 100 companies. We were looking for 6 key points 1- well financed without debt 2- Industry experienced management. 3- a Company that was pre Momentum had the growth in front of them versus behind. 4- products that work, product customers will buy. 5- a powerful compensation plan that pays distributors fairly. 6- A system run by the field but supported by the company, a system for all distributors. We were looking for a company we could call home forever. Juuva has done this and more. We couldn't be happier, Juuva has exceeded our expectations in every way.

Greg Stacey 2020-01-29 06:32:57

Juuva products and leadership have been absolutely a cut above and beyond anything I have ever experienced. Juuva actually has a 30% compensation challenge, they will take any other networking earnings report and plug the exact same numbers into their system and have yet to have another company come within 30% of Juuva's compensation. 30% more payout for the same efforts and volume. Industry veterans willing to train and mentor willing individuals. Products are cutting edge and cover the spectrum from hydration with alkaline water in a portable pitcher and Anion Emittes to help manage pain. "Transform Your Life" today.

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