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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 7 reviews)
Cindy Evans 2019-01-08 14:43:38

In January, 2016, I ordered a month of Thrive as a customer to feel better. I trusted a complete stranger and told her I had been in direct sales/party plan arena for 16 years and had NO interest in promoting. After 17 days of taking 3 simple steps in first 30 minutes of the day, and no longer planning my days around my naps, I realized I had my hands on something golden, and I knew a LOT of people my age (50+) that needed this!

I hit the FREE brand promoter button, and since then, have earned 7 lifestyle getaways, 2 5-figure bonuses and an auto bonus…all for sharing a product that says what it does, and does what it says. The real reward has been the messages I get from people who have gotten their happy back.

It is amazing how the body can feel and the benefits you experience when it actually absorbs the vitamins the way it is meant to! What is even better, is that Le-Vel offers everyone, even customers, the opportunity to earn their product for free just by having two friends thrive with them! Amazing company and even better product!

Alicia Meyer 2019-01-06 05:54:15

I have been with le-vel for two years and I live it! Between the generous pay structure, the free vacations you can earn multiple times a year, the simplicity of taking the products and the money you can earn for your car ($300, $800 or $1600) I wish I had started earlier! The CEOs are dedicated with helping people advance and they want to see everyone succeed. I was with a different company before le-vel for about 5 months and it seemed like they didn't want anyone to succeed and didnt care about not paying bonuses or anything on time, but luckily I found a product that makes me feel amazing and cares about their people!

Barbara N Curtis Warren 2018-02-24 19:00:01

I was that Soldier patronizing that other company 3 times per day 7-days per week trying to increase my energy to keep up with the much younger Soldiers as a Health Educator/Instructor; it was difficult working 14-16 hours days not including the weekends. I was functioning in “E” and not a pleasant person especially at home. I was the one that put pjs on Friday evening and no one saw me until Monday morning getting up at 02:30 am to physically train with the Soldiers. I just wanted something to make me feel better period. I’d used everything else so what did I have to lose.
Now, 25 months later as a Disabled Veteran on a fixed limited income, Le-Vel has given me not only my mojo back but a truly FREE opportunity to supplement my disability pay and helping others live their best life in 3 Simple Steps.

This was the best decision for my family and me.

Monty Stratton 2018-01-02 19:18:48

Thrive and Le-Vel has totally changed my life!

Before Thrive I was surviving on coffee and energy drinks just to get thru the day! I felt like I was healthy bu looking back I sure didnt feel anything close to THIS GOOD!

I have been Thriving for free since September of 2012 and the best part is how many lives I have helped change over these last 5.5 years!! If you have not yet taken a closer look with your very own free account it would be my pleasure to help you learn more and start earning your Thrive for free and build the business of your dreams! Visit www.GetFreeThrive.com today to register for free and contact me with ALL your questions!

Jose Daniel Romero 2017-11-11 20:56:44

Le-Vel es definitivamente la compañia en donde puedes desarrollar una gran y productiva carrera dentro del network marketing, tiene sensacionales productos de salud y bienestar, un super plan de compensacion y justo ahora se encuentra en su mejor Momentum (Rank 6). No cabe duda que los parches para bajar de peso han roto todos los rankings de aceptacion en USA y Mexico; todo mundo habla de ellos, todo mundo los esta buscando, todo mundo los quiere !
El sistema completo Le-Vel Thrive es realmente increible y el Reto es de solo 8 semanas !!!
Buscanos ahora en www.SmartsBusiness.com y se parte de nuetro equipo Le-Vel en Mexico y USA.

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