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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 35 reviews)

Per year: $875.00 million

Per month: $72.92 million

Per week: $16.83 million

Per day: $2.40 million

Per hour: $99,886

Per minute: $1,664.76

per second: $27.75

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 35 reviews)
Leah2020-09-16 14:20:07

I love the bath & body products and cleaning products. Since I've switched stores a little over 3 years ago, I noticed my 4 kids and I rarely get sick. I breathe better in my home, no light headedness or migraines when I clean anymore. Just amazing! I won't be buying my every day products anywhere else. Or my vitamins I can't forget about those! Lol I gave more energy to keep up with my kids and I don't take afternoon naps anymore. Oh and I get reminders to take them morning and evening straight from Melaleuca! My kids and I love the snacks and beverages too. Especially the splash h20 and coffee. Haha

Alana Johnson2020-09-16 04:22:25

Love the cleaning products! Amazed the first time I tried it and I found products that actually worked! The laundry detergent was scent free (love that)! and my kiddos suffer from asthma and since changing they are not using their inhalers as much. They do exactly what they say they will! Supplements have been life changing. My energy is through the roof and I am not having my regular crashes I would suffer from. Customer service is very helpful and knowledgeable. And the fact it was 100% money back guarantee I felt safe trying them. Very pleased and will be a life time shopper!

Jeimy Reyes2020-09-16 03:26:56

Amazing vitamins it gives me energy and help me while I was breath feeding. Never when back after that. Love how I feel when I take it.

Is been 7 years I don't get sick anymore and I was literally sick Everytime the weather change or I had my period.

My husband takes them too and he feel he can sleep well.

Also anyone that have pain is a great vitamin to start with.

We have different type of peak performance for every need.

I can perform really good when I excersice and recover fast too.

I recommend this for everyone that needs energy and wants to perform better in any exercise.

Pascale Lee2020-09-16 02:17:01

Excellent product! All I can say is that I feel good! I take my vitamins in the morning with my breakfast, and again with my dinner. I wake up feeling energized to exercise and that's perfect for me. I recommend it to everyone I know as a quality product. Another point of appreciation for me is that you can go directly to the website at to learn about all the wonderful benefits the peak performance packs add to your health and well-being. I believe they are truly premium vitamins that benefit the body in limitless ways. My husband had a heart attack three years ago, and takes the Peak Performance Heart packs and rarely complains any about constant fatigue. He says he feels more energy and less sleepy at work since he stands on his feet all day.

Denise Ellis2020-09-11 20:25:32

I take my peak performance daily and it truly enhance my overall body I just these vitamins I am currently on the Brain health I'm well alert and feeling great, optimizing my life overall
I am a director and aiming to advance my self In this company.we have over 400 products for all areas of your body, health and household, the laundry soap with no harsh chemical, cleaning products the make your house smells amazingly fresh and clean, mouthwash toothpaste toothbrush, healthy snacks and all
Melaleuca is simply the best company to be with the products are amazing the business is awesome. You won't regret being apart of this amazing company.

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