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Per year: $52.50 million

Per month: $4.38 million

Per week: $1.01 million

Per day: $143,836

Per hour: $5,993.15

Per minute: $99.89

per second: $1.66

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews)
Peter Hoogenhoff 2020-01-12 20:59:01

Standing out from the masses, New U Life's Somaderm HGH Gel is unique and a Category Maker.

The company's decision to enter the MLM industry with a proven product for over 15 years, resulted in explosive sales in the past two years; A quarter Billion US Dollars’ worth of product ended up in the hands of very happy distributors and customers who, according to the company, potentially enjoy up to 40+ benefits with the application of just one product.

Besides their flagship HGH Gel, the company's lineup of Keto Products is world class as well. Backed by Social Media Keto Expert Thomas DeLauer, New U Life's Category Changers of KetoGen4, KG4, KetoDay & KetoNight, give consumers the ability to get and stay into Ketosis, easier than ever before.

Founder Alexy Goldstein's 30-year formulating background will ensure that New U Life's future products will again fall into these two categories.

Exciting times ahead for this energetic young company. Looking forward to what the future holds!

Ted Nuyten 2019-12-22 12:25:50

It seems the Sales for 2019 exceeds $200 million. That might be one of the largest growth in network marketing in 2019 for a company, as 2018 sales are $60 Million.

According the New U Life:

Alexy Goldstein is a force of nature—or should we say, a force for natural foods, nutraceuticals and performance supplements that help people lead their healthiest possible lifestyle. In his 25 years in business, Goldstein has helped thousands of grateful customers with his products and personal counsel, building four successful companies along the way. That passion would drive Goldstein to become a leading manufacturer of natural foods, vitamins, and performance supplements. It would later inspire the development of one of the most exciting anti-aging products now available, New U Life SOMADERM Gel, a transdermal human growth hormone.

Please hold on..