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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 35 reviews)

Per year: $173.25 million

Per month: $14.44 million

Per week: $3.33 million

Per day: $474,658

Per hour: $19,777

Per minute: $329.62

per second: $5.49

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 35 reviews)
Mbere-Grao Teswe Christophe2020-09-11 03:20:40

QNet is the best ever in the World. It spend the time to certify the products, to train their distributors in personal growth and the business plan is simple, clear and truthful. Like everywhere as in QNet, if you want to achieve your dreams, you can't be lazy, you must fight for it to become truth. That is the life and that's what QNet teaches!!
Don't blame somebody for your mistakes, your errors. If you're looking for the good news about the Network Marketing with QNET, refer to the V directly or to the "About" web page of QNET. This entreprise is based on Truth, and if you're a cheater, please don't try to start with QNET.

Disappointed2020-08-25 21:06:02

Whilst QNet maybe ok . . There is a lot of stuff that is not mentioned prior to joining and you get surprised on it.

The uplines I have are a bunch of selfish people and the investment I was forced to make to join was close to 1800 dollars

I regret this and hopefully none of you make this mistake.

It many ways this feels like a scam and I to date have not been offered any help or support.

I could have spent the money better and totally regret my decision

Guys there are better MLM’s that have a better rate of return and you need to chose wisely

VIBHOR2020-07-28 13:08:57

I am proud to be a part of Qnet, anybody can start but have to work here then only can earn money as this is not a investment scheme.
want to ask only 1 question to those people who speaks negative about this company – "R U FOLLOW EACH AND EVERY PROCESS OF THIS COMPANY" as simple as in JOB we have to follow the process then only company gave us salary same in QNET if we working hard and follow then only we earn so much. but in ethical way and if anybody cheats someone or do un ethical practise and QNET found guilty then company itself terminate that person.
Qnet is very ethical company .
those who follow the process are earning well in Qnet just go and search.
Qnet is changing my life and I am very happy.

luv u QNET

Ahlem OC2020-07-17 11:00:53

The Best products in the best company and the best industry
You can’t find a better environment to grow and make success.
You can find all the support and training you need to be successful and develop your skills and entrepreneurship
Soon, It will be the direct selling campagny number one in the world because of its values and philosophy
Qnet provides best quality products, it offers a very generous compensation plan And as it works 100% online, it makes the business accessible to each person seeking for a business opportunity especially in times of lockdown, it’s the best option

THIBAUT FOKWA2020-07-16 13:28:03

Qnet est plus qu'une sociéte, cest une famille qui rassemble tout le monde venant d'horizon divers. Qnet répond aux aspirations de la vie actuelle et surtout booste le potentiel de la jeunesse gràce a son aspect lié a l'entrepeunariat,
Elle est aussi numéro UN dans le leadership par excellence grâce à ses différentes formations qu,organisent les fondateurs partout dans le monde . Grâce à son ECOLE de formation appéllé INSERVICE QNET met l'accent sur des valeurs telles que l'humilité et le service ; durant les formations on voit des multi millionnaires qui rendent service à tout le monde sans discrimination. Vraiment je peux pas tout dire ici et maintenant.Retenez seulement que Qnet c'est vraiment la famille du 21e siècle, pour toute personne voulant en savoir plus bien vouloir me contacter au +237 699954586/682820066

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