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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 29 reviews)

Est. per year: $357.00 million

Est. per month: $29.75 million

Est. per week: $6.87 million

Est. per day: $978,082

Est. per hour: $40,753

Est. per minute: $679.22

Est. per second: $11.32

Est. since viewing this page: N/A

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 29 reviews)
Carmen Annette2020-10-23 03:21:16

Espectacular women I love the products and her visión of buisness for actual woman. I am Distributor and she change my life. For the Covid im not work and this oportunity get the strong for stay emocional save Thanks for this company because is real and serious. Soy latina y puertorriqueña y con el concepto que las mujeres tuvieran amor propio así comenze en medio de la Pandemia a compartir lo maravilloso de estos productos a 7 meses de esto es mucho lo que logrado, la capacitación y el apoyo a nosotras es genuino e incomparable Gracias por llevar esta seguridad a nosotras las mujeres

Elizabeth Terry2020-10-22 04:56:10

Im a complete Senegence makeup convert. My skin has never looked better, and wearing lipstick in the time of Covid and mask wearing, who would have thought . The company continues to educate their consultants from both a skincare perspective as well as business. It’s not about the MLM it’s about woman being empowered to take care of themselves.

Everyone these days wants products that are vegan, gluten free, paravento free etc, Senegence has been providing products with those characteristics for years.
Thank you Joni for providing amazing products and an opportunity to get them either as a business builder or a preferred customer!!

Aubrey Young2020-10-22 04:18:53

Senegence is really an amazing company. They have great products that really work and are good for your skin!! The business is next to none! I love how I get paid for what I sell and get compensated for growing my team, and helping them grow their own teams. And Joni is such an amazing human being. She has created this amazing culture to be a part of. Women supporting women. I love all of my SeneSisters. She is always thinking of others. She spends so much of her telime teaching, and coaching, and coming up with the next best thing, she is Senegence! She is always making the world a better place! Thanks Joni for being you! Your number one in my book!

Anahi Almeida2020-10-22 04:17:20

Conocí Senegence buscando un labial de larga duración, y no sólo encontré eso, sino además productos libres de crueldad animal y certificados por la FDA. Me brindaron la oportunidad de iniciar un negocio propio que no obliga a pagar un fuerte monto de inversión inicial, con capacitación constante, comunicación directa con gente súper capaz y motivadora, además de excelentes herramientas para llevar tus ventas a un plano real.
Amo la filosofía de la empresa, muy altos estándares de calidad y satisfacción, además de un súper plan de compensación con productos que no tienen competencia !!
Además mucho fomento a crear una verdadera hermandad entre todas las distribuidoras.

Abby Hubbard2020-10-22 04:14:13

Senegence is the best beauty product on the market and I am truly grateful that I became apart of the company 5 heads ago! I’ve never seen a CEO that cares about her employees like Joni does! She truly wants to see each and every one of her distributors succeed and has place a fantastic commission in front of us to help us do so!!!! I will always support this business and for what it stands behind! “Live life in love and abundance. And work for it!!!” Thank you Joni for all u have done for us and the ground work u have already established!!!!

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