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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 13 reviews)

Per year: $355.25 million

Per month: $29.60 million

Per week: $6.83 million

Per day: $973,288

Per hour: $40,554

Per minute: $675.89

per second: $11.26

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 13 reviews)
Danielle Springall 2019-10-14 21:59:03

SeneGence is an amazing company to start your business with! The CEO is genuine and ethical. The products are amazing and backed 100% by the company. The sisterhood and assistance for you as a distributor are amazing. The comp plan and bonuses are both incredible and doable. The mission of the company is to help grow its distributors to live life in love and abundance and work for it. I started my business, HonoluLips, almost 3 years ago and I am a lifer with this company!! They are so good to us and really care about putting out the best for both customers and distributors.

Tina Lence 2019-09-26 01:55:13

I have been a distributor of SeneGence products for a little over 3 years and have seen first hand that Joni Rogers is the REAL deal! Joni is the definition of strength, courage, beauty, and grace.

I have had the opportunity of meeting Joni a couple of times and she exudes passion and joy; she is incredible to listen to – the first time I went to an event where she spoke I was completely dumbfounded by her knowledge of chemistry; she is a mother hen/mama bear when it comes to all of her distributors; she is a business warrior; and fearless leader!

SeneGence anti-aging skincare and long lasting cosmetics are, in my opinion, the best in the industry.

I feel quite blessed to be a part of this company.

Râbëñâ Bâkšh 2019-09-24 22:43:35

I LOVE SENEGENCE and to learn about our CEO, Joni, how dedicated she was to make this business a SUCCESS and spent years to make sure her products are PERFECT before releasing them. I am IMPRESSED. These products are AMAZING. I am so HAPPY to be part of this team and learning more about this business and meeting the growing sisterhood at SENEGENCE. I never found such amazing products anywhere. This stuff is like MAGIC. I wish I had found this company sooner, I would have so much CONFIDENCE and wouldn't have to hide to cover these marks on my face. 💖

Sandy Day 2019-09-24 04:08:49

Joni is a great business woman.
She always has time for all her distributors no matter how long they have a distributor or total of the sales.
I was so impressed how she came to seminiar in Canada last year and flew the next day to be with her girls in USA for their seminiar.

She took the time to welcome this shy girl from Alberta into her business family.Senegence and Joni came into my life at a very dark time of depression.
She is a woman of her word and fights for woman in small business ventures.
Live life in abundance as joni has taught us.
Thank you.

Margaret Lovett 2019-09-23 04:37:19

Joni Rogers is the best CEO and she empowers woman by recognition of everyone in her company and provides awesome training. She not only recognizes her top distributors she recognizes all her distributors. This is a very diverse company with many opportunities to make business grow with the awesome tools given to get your senegence business up and running. This company is a worldwide sisterhood that I have had the pleasure to join and the products are amazing. Joni is a CEO that treats all her distributors with a family approach and makes herself available to all her distributors as well as utilizes our input into new lines of products.

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