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Est. per month$87,500
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 60 reviews)
Lenora Rich 2021-12-01 04:35:10

TAVA! Wow! TAVA has amazing products that really do work. I have not felt this amazing since my 20's. I am by far impressed with these products and the company as a whole. The people in this MLM company are by far the best go-getters, they are amazing, they also really help to motivate everyone to reach for the top. I personally have been in other MLM but this one has been the nest by far. Tava is home for me and my family, and I am glad we made this life-changing decision to join this company! Thank you TAVA!!

Martha Mboh 2021-11-04 22:25:29

The compensation plan is amazing.. Products works so well .. Leadership mind-blowing.. I love the products .. It is working for me I highly recommend Tava to anyone looking for something to work from home.. I start making money from the first day of journey Tava.. And I and loving my journey.. Thanks to the CEO for sharing your vision with everyone… They are transperent and the you can work Tava business even without any experience… The customers service is amazing. They are always available to answer all your questions.. I highly recommend Tava to everyone.. Check it out your will be glad you did.

Kellie 2021-11-03 23:19:55

Tava is the only mlm that make you feel like family and allows you to be who you are. We are self employed entrepreneurs and always on the go! We work together and finding TAVA was a perfect fit in our already busy life! The TAVA Lifestyle is REAL! We distribute the products because we use the products. We’ve lost weight and kept it off. All the products are crucial in our lives for focus, energy and overall health. At our age, we have tried so many companies and we are blessed to say this company stands by what they say! We encourage everyone to try each product that is distributed through TAVA; not because we said so; but because they really work for your overall health.

Rice Melissa 2021-10-30 14:40:28

Tava products are AWESOME! A fomer business associate suggested that i try these detox products. I really didn't want to because I sold another brand of detox myself. I gave in and tried them , by the third day i noticed my sweet cravings were non existent and my legs seemed to be smaller. I got on my scale and weighed in, I could not believe it! I was down 4 lbs. No working out! No special diet and I had lost 4lbs. I just started them this week and im down 4 lbs . My former business associate only gave me (2) Vacia, (2) flare , and (2) Kaprese . I took all of them. I started with the Vacia Tea first , then i took flare and coffee together for 2 days . Then finished with my last sachet of Vacia Tea. Im so happy someone sampled me.

NikiaLewisPurge 2021-10-30 06:42:33

I Absolutely love this company leadership! The products are absolutely amazing! My favorite is the Kai detox tea!! I truly enjoy sharing the liquid vitamins with my children and husband! Thank you Tava for also allowing me to earn commissions off every product I sold or referred. Whenever I feel a little sluggish i use the flare capsules. The KAPRESE CBD coffee is a must for me … every single morning. Please visit the website to sample out some of the products. See for yourself and watch you too will soon become a believer!!! If you are looking to earn some additional income this is a great company to join.

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