FOREX and MLM, an opportunity for professionals?


 Foreign Exchange Currency Trading (Forex) is the exchange of money between different countries. The value of one country’s currency is constantly changing against the value of another country’s currency.

Forex traders make money through buying and selling currencies on the FOREX market. FOREX is a huge global industry with a daily turnover of 3 trillion dollars, that’s 40 times the size of the NASDAQ.

Whether you are a website owner or an online marketing entrepreneur you can earn money referring Forex currency trading clients via Affiliate and MLM progamms. Whilst there may be a number of fully regulated, reputable international companies that provide a highly transparent and honest service, it's commonly thought that about 90% of all retail FOREX traders lose money.

How it works

Individual traders trade on margin. For example, a stake of just $100 gives a trader access to a deal worth $10,000 (using a leverage of 1: 100). Markets fluctuate constantly and for a margin trader every little move is magnified 100 times. And while potential profit is unlimited, the trader can only lose their initial investment – for this example, $100.

If you have F.i. a $10,000 account and only open one $100,000 position, this has committed only $1,000 of your money plus you must maintain $1,000 in margin. While this leaves $9,000 free in your account, it is possible to lose almost all of it if the speculation loses money.

There are many FOREX affiliate programs, in our opinion this is a high risk opportunity for professionals, less suitable for MLM/affiliate “newbies”.

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