Meet the Speakers

Onyx Coale, Royal Black Diamond – Monavie (USA)
Onyx Coale is one of the highest ranked distributors in Monavie, a company with 3 million distributors. While this is her first network marketing experience she has created a personal group of over 230,000 distributors in under 4 years. Her organization spans 7 countries and produces millions of dollars in weekly sales.

Onyx is a mother of 3 girls and attended her first network marketing meeting because her baby sitters parents invited her. She was immediately intrigued by the company, the comp plan and the industry itself.  Today, Onyx’s passion for helping others has allowed her to create a massive organization. People always enjoy her style of presenting and training. Onyx often talks about the skills that a person needs to develop to succeed in this industry and in life.

Paula Pritchard, Ambassador Xocai – MXI (USA)
Paula Pritchard and Kathy Robbins have risen to the highest possible position and income levels with a number of network marketing companies and led the expansion of four of those companies into the European market, building organizations of 200,000 people across 15 countries and producing hundreds of millions of dollars in profit.

Paula was pursuing her doctorate degree at Kent State University, when she decided to attend her first network marketing meeting. Out of a million Amway distributors, there were approximately 300 Diamonds and above. Paula was the first single woman in North America to reach Diamond. Today, Paula is known worldwide as one of the top network marketers and trainers in one of the most competitive industries.

Karen Rawcliffe,  Blue Diamond Nu Skin (UK – NL)
Karen is the First Dutch Blue Diamond in Nu-Skin.

It all started in Direct Selling in 1999 when Karen and Harald were living in New Zealand and Harald decided he wanted to return to the Netherlands.

Karen was facing the prospect of having to give up her successful dental practice and start again in a country where she knew no one and did not speak the language.

We had been advised that close friends and family did not do this business but hey, they did not know our friends! Our friends were different. We were going to be Blue Diamond within six months – how wrong we were!

We were very surprised and taken aback by all the negative ideas people had about network marketing. It was a very challenging time for us but we learnt to surround ourselves with like-minded, positive people and so kept our dream alive.

Karen and Harald has build up a distributor force in 25 countries.

Pieter Monsma, SkyQuestCom CEO Europe and Lifestyle Coach (Netherlands)

Pieter Monsma used to be a farmer in the north of Holland… He became the icon of the ’90 of MLM company NSA by selling waterfilters. His burning desire to change his life changed also other peoples lives! He was the no. 1 NMD EPAC10 in Holland and is well known about his integrity and ability to create teamwork and friendship.
He developed himself as a business man. First in the insurance industry and after that he build his own international real estate portfolio. Today he’s back to change other peoples life. He want to share his story and his insights to those who feel the same desire to change their lives. You will be inspired and moved by his down to earth, hartfull and enthousiastic performance.
Geoff Liberman - Euphony Geoff Liberman, Euphony (UK)
At the age of 56, Geoff has become a leader in the networkmarketing industry, earning a substantial seven-figure income.

Geoff is an independent Business Consultant with utilities company Euphony Communications, which provides highly competitive landline telephony, Internet access, mobile communications and energy (gas & electricity) services to residential consumers and the small business sector.  Geoff was introduced to Euphony later in life at the age of 43, after setting up and running a number of dance schools, and developing a sales and marketing business selling environmental products for six years with NSA.

Over the past 13 years with Euphony, he has directly introduced over 90 friends and associates to the company, which has grow to date to several thousand active consultants in his team.

Fred Stege, CEO Vemma Europe (Belgium)
Fred Stege is a successful network marketer, ranked among the top 1% of earners in network marketing worldwide.

Fred is renowned for having built a downline of 200,000+ at companies in Europe and the US, then “taking a break” to launch 7 highly successful internet and network marketing businesses and write 2 bestsellers about network marketing.

Kalpesh Patel, Nr. 1 Top Earner in Europe, Worldventures (UK)

Kalpesh Patel is the one of the most Dynamic & Inspirational Speaker in Europe,he has spoken infront of more than 350,000 people over since 1998. International speaker, Author & Success coach. A natural born Entrepreneur with a WINNING ATTITUDE. He has shared the staged with motivational speakers around the world.

Michael Sander, CEO Obtainer Media (Dubai)Michael Sander, founder of the OBTAINER MEDIA GROUP, is known all over the world as an expert in Direct Selling. Whether companies are in Asia, the Middle East, Europe or the USA – all of them are among his clients.

He is a successful entrepreneur, publisher, trainer, consultant and sought-after business and lifestyle expert. With the OBTAINER MEDIA GROUP Michael Sander has created a tool that is used worldwide by networkers and leads them to professional and private success.

Michael Sander’s philosophy of life:

“It is only important where you are going to. Those who do not have the courage to take the first step will never experience what is then going to be waiting for them. So never consider what might be tomorrow, only what you can do today. Amateurs hope  – while professionals act!”

Ken Seto Ken Seto, – Isagenix (USA)
Ken Seto is a network builder in the direct sales and MLM Industries, consulting with companies and distributors to grow fast in maximize value. Involved as a professional in the Network Marketing industry for the past 16 years.

Ken frequently travels to help distribution businesses grow through his tested methods to recruits, train and retain customers, sell in the age of networking and build residual wealth.

Ken’s motto is “give so much value that people ask to buy from you”

Gideon Springer – NSA Juice Plus+ (NL)
Gideon Springer (NL) – National Marketing Director- lives in Voorburg, near the Hague in Holland together with his wife and their two children. Before he joined NSA & Juice Plus +® IN 1993 he owned a textile company. He achieved the position of NMD in December 2000.

In-home presentations have played a big part of Gideon’s success in the business as he finds them to be very duplicatable, fun and successful on the evening. The Juice Plus+ Personal Franchise allows him to devote qualify time to his family and enjoy sport and numerous hobbies.

Daniel Müller – Presidential Double Diamond – Unicity (Germany)
Daniel Müller ist bereits seit 1994 in der Direktvertriebs-Branche tätig und gehört heute zu den Top-Networkern der gesamten Industrie. Er hat sowohl Erfahrungen im Vertriebsaufbau mit Teams Hunderttausender Vertriebspartner als auch in der Geschäftsführung.

Seit Ende 2001 begleitet er Unicity Inc. und das Bios Life Franchise – ein Top-10 Unternehmen innerhalb der Direktvertriebs-Branche- bei der globalen Expansion. Hierbei hat er als erster in der Firmen-Historie die Position des Chairmen Club Members erreicht und betreut heute ein globales Team

Sein Motto lautet: „Mache ein Meisterwerk aus deinem Leben- denn Du hast nur dieses Eine!“ Darüber hinaus engagiert er sich ehrenamtlich als Gründungsmitglied bei „Networker for Humanity e.V.“- einer Vereinigung von Top-Networkern und Top-Trainern der Branche, um auch hierbei Menschen zu helfen, die sich selbst nicht mehr helfen können.

Kevin Thompson Kevin Thompson – Top MLM Attorney
Kevin Thompson is a MLM attorney, entrepreneur, and agent of change. He’s the founder and president of the Law Office of Kevin Thompson that specializes providing legal services for start-up network marketing companies.

Kevin runs an efficient practice to provide clients with world class service at competitive rates. He provides entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to launch their businesses on solid legal footing.

Kevin Thompson is also an entrepreneur. In January of 2009, he launched Advanced Advocates, an exclusive platform for law students across the globe. Kevin is a loving husband and proud father of two children, Luke and Siena Rose. He is an avid sportsman and was once an all-American in the decathlon from the University of Tennessee.