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What is MLM Momentum?

Momentum is the Magic of MLM. You need a lot of "Momentum" in your Direct Selling career. Momentum is hard to build, and easy to lose….

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Corporate or field leaders can create momentum. It represents that important element which transforms individuals, groups, and teams into that unstoppable force. Distributor groups are growing fast and are highly successfull. It can happen when:

  • A new company or product(s) launch
  • Successfull corporate or field leaders are coming in
  • New countries are opening
  • International conventions are held

We have compiled this momentum list based on Internet research, company revenues, interviews, company conventions, company websites, the momentum poll, the movers and shakers list, direct selling magazines, google hits (see below) and through our reporters. The number of “pitches” our reporters are getting is f.i. an important factor…. See also our movers and shakers list

Which companies are having momentum and which have less ? We spend countless hours to rank over 130 companies.

Note: "If a company  has a certain position in our list, it does not mean certain distributors groups within that company has the same momentum. Distributor groups can have a lower or a higher momentum"

We do not endorse any company, we just put a thermometer in the "buzz" : That are the

"MLM 500 Momentum Ranks"


About the figures: a 10.0 is perfect, below 6.0 you need improvement fast…..

About the indicator column:

+ Momentum is growing

= Momentum is stable

Momentum is declining

You can sort the columns, push the small button in the first row