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We are compiling a list of the people behind the Direct Selling Industry. The trusted advisors, consultants, authors, experts. Those guys and girls who can make or break an opportunity or company or has high influence. Very Important People sometimes they are "behind the curtain".

To give an example, Rod Cook, founder of MLM watchdog is such a VIP. The Watchdog's aim is to serve, inform & protect the Direct Selling community.

Guys and girls you do not want to upset….

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Note: The nr. before a name is only to identify people, so it is not a "rank"



Amy Robinson, Andreas Graunke, Art Jonak, Bob Proctor, Brian Garvin, Charles King, Corey Augenstein, Darren Hardy, Deborah Heisz , Dieter Schwarz, Doris Wood, Frank Wheaton, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grace Keohohou, Jane Deuber, Jeffrey Babener, Jens Landgrebe, John Fleming, John Milton Fogg, Karlheinz Ossig, Keeper Catran Whitney, Keith Laggos, Kevin Thompson, Len Clements, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Clouse, Michael Sheffield, Michael Johnson, Micheal Sander, Mike Sheffield, Missy Ward, Neil Offen, Paul Zane Pilzer, Rhonda Byrne, Richard Henderson, Robert Verkerk, Rod Cook, Scott Warren, Simon Grabowski, Stephan Haller, Tom Schreiter, Tom Chenaults, Troy Dooly.