MLM Exposure




Leaders are talking about “exposure” all the time. How many prospects have you exposed to the opportunity and product to? Here are a few things to help shorten your learning curve with regards to exposing someone.


Expose them to the business opportunity first, if possible.

Why do we do this? Because if you expose them to the product first, and the prospect says no, you don’t have anything to fall back on. If you expose them to the business opportunity first, and they say NO to that, you can always ask them if their health is a priority and get them to try the product. Sometimes people who have actually said no to the business have come back and signed up after the product worked for them. It’s fun when that happens! (There will be times where you lead with the product. Use your best judgement).


Don’t throw up on your prospects!

Meaning don't give them to much information) We can’t stress this enough. Here is the psychology behind this. If you corner your prospect and give them a 30 minute speech on how great the product is, how fantastic the business opportunity is and that they just have to join you, here is what will happen.  The prospect will take your card home, look up your website online and think to themselves WOW this is a great website.


I think I would like to try this. What do I have to do? If they remember the 30 minute speech you gave them they will probably not join. They don’t want to give a 30 minute speech and what’s worse is they won’t be able to find people who are willing to do that either.

Keep It Simple.

Get their business card or number. Hand them a business card if they have Internet.  If they ask you what it’s all about, politely tell them you have an appointment and you have to run. You will call them tomorrow and discuss the details. This way when they think back on how you approached them, they will remember how simple it was and they will believe they can do what you did. Remember, you can't say the wrong thing to the right person and you can't say the right thing to the wrong person.



When you approach someone with the business opportunity they can only give you 3 answers. Yes, No or Maybe. You shouldn't care which category they fall into. Here’s why.


Let’s start with the No’s.

If someone says no to the business, ask them if their health is a priority and see if they want to try the product. Tell them there is a money back guarantee and there is virtually no risk. Some of them will possibly join after the product works for them.


Next the Maybe’s.

People will say to you “I can’t sell something unless I believe in it first, so let me try the product” or “let me see how you do with it, or call me when you are making money”. What I do with these people is I put them “On The Fence”. I get them some product and I tell them I’m going to keep them posted on my progress, and I will follow up with them on how they like the product.


Finally the people that say Yes!

What I do with them is fill out a paper application. Once I have it filled out I tell them I’ll be putting them in the computer in a little bit. Then I go back to all the people who are on the fence and in the order in which I exposed them to the business, starting with the last person first, I tell them, “Hey I just recruited a person who is going to build Vemma with me. They are buying a builder pack and have already started making a list. Since I talked to you first would you like me to start building you a team while you are waiting for the product to work?”


I do this with everyone who is on the fence. Every time I get another yes from a fence sitter I apply that to the next person. “Hey John, I have 3, 4, 5 people that I am putting in Vemma today. Since I talked to you first would you like to take a position and I’ll put those people under you?” I always try and leverage multiple people into the business with each sign up. People hate to lose position, pay attention to that next time you are driving.


You can teach this strategy to your teams and they can work together to recruit their fence sitters and build their common leg. Once you get two teams going on this strategy, every time you get a sign up you can have a contest between your two teams. “Whichever team brings in the most people in the next 24 hours gets this builder I am putting in!”