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What's the easiest way to become a Top 5% Performer in Network Marketing?


This great tip is from MLM giant and trainer Tim Sales:

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? You probably have… it's a much-talked-about concept in business that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your salespeople. …but have you heard of the 95/5 rule? Often in sales organizations, the Top 5% performers outsell and make as much money as the other 95% combined.


So that begs the question…

QUESTION: What's the easiest way to become a Top 5% Performer in Network Marketing? ANSWER: Recruit a Top 5% performer from a different industry! …Easy for You to Say, Tim!


Now I realize you may be saying to yourself. Yeah, right! If you're a person making $40,000 a year, with a regular day job, and you're just getting started with Network Marketing…and you're barely making a dime……then how the heck are you supposed to get up the nerve to approach a successful businessperson / professional with your opportunity?


I mean, people who are Top 5% performers in any industry typically make a lot of money already, they're very busy, and can be intimidating to approach. Right? To answer this dilemma, I thought it would be helpful for you to read a comment I received recently from a Successful Networker who herself was a Top 5% performer in the corporate world. Here are her comments about how she recruits other successful people. My comments follow.


***NIECIE'S COMMENTS*** The Brilliant Compensation presentation has really helped my network marketing business. I recently resigned from a six-figure income position with a Fortune 50 company. I am a professional. All of my contacts are professionals. Brilliant Compensation helps to bring credibility to the industry. I'm not the hype type. I'm more into education and knowledge. Since I come from executive management in Corporate America, I tend to present to people like me! Brilliant Compensation explains the business model in Corporate America jargon. It explains the business. People understand these words. It also immediately dispels the pyramid myth and the 'where does the money come from question'. One of the biggest benefits for me too is that it allows me to cross the racial barrier. There are white professional males in the presentation. Since I am an African American female, it allows a diverse group of people the ability to hear me. Thanks, Niecie


***MY RESPONSE*** Niecie's comments remind me that one of the biggest rules to remember when approaching successful people is this – it's not about YOU. You are just the messenger. Any Top 95% Performer has gotten to where they are by educating themselves, and more importantly – working hard to implement what they've learned in their industry. So, when looking at your opportunity, any top performer will not be looking at you...they will be considering the merits of what you're offering. They will want to make an educated business decision based on facts, not hype.


Now, it's true, among businesspeople and professionals; there are still a lot of negative pre-conceived notions about Network Marketing. And that's exactly why I created the Brilliant Compensation DVD. Brilliant Compensation poses a completely logical, non-hyped explanation of the networking business model. To add credibility and very convincing content, the DVD also contains an interview with Dr. Charles W. King, who is the Professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois in Chicago, who also holds a Ph.D. in business from Harvard University.


Obviously, professionals are impressed with Dr. King's Harvard credentials, and when they hear his personal journey during the interview from skeptic to believer…and the years of non-biased due diligence he put into researching the industry…it makes a huge impression.


In a typical M.L.M presentation, there's a lot of focus on make big money…work from hom.e…only 10 hours a week… incredible lifestyle…etc. etc. These are tried-and-true emotional phrases that appeal to the average person. However, while professionals are certainly not immune to emotional appeals, they are more likely to analyze and ask the tough questions about an opportunity.


Why? Because they know the correct questions to ask. They are going to question the legitimacy of a company, the product, the timing of product in the market, and especially the legitimacy of the marketing plan. This is where the Brilliant Compensation DVD comes in perfectly. It speaks at the professional level and is completely devoid of hyped-up pitches. The path of logic doesn't insult their intelligence – in fact, it challenges it.You'll be astounded at how even the most analytical business minds will NOT be able to refute the logic of the presentation. After watching it, their minds will be open and ready to see your opportunity with a newfound, unbiased understanding of the Network Marketing Industry.