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Business For Home defines a leader and a professional networker in Direct Sales as follows:

"A leader and professional networker is the one who has the ability to guide and at the same time is able to motivate team members, inspire respect and confidence and explain the power of the compensation plan".

But they should also have:

  • Effective communication: They must transmit the needed information suitably. It’s fundamental for leading.
  • Vision: A leader needs to have a vision, which means not only thinking in a short term, but trying to see a bigger picture.
  • Balance: Give importance to team members’ opinions.
  • Art of Feedback: In order to produce good feedback it’s important to keep it impartial and objective. Criticism must bring solutions and improvement.
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Jamaliyeh Brown 2023-05-07 03:04:37

WELL where to begin 😁 I've known Mereana Wilson for must be something like 20+ years now oml making me feel old 🤣 your a humble person such a rain of sunshine always willing to lend a hand very talented in all you do an amazing leader humble will put you in your place if need be i so love people like that as my mum is the same.
Got a voice of an angel awesome sense of humor 😁 loving and caring mum. I so like watching your lives when your on fb doing your songs etc 🥰 Mereana there is know one else like you just keep being you ka aroha ❤️

Walter 2023-05-07 03:03:59

Last I spoke to Mereana was back in 2008,and we were doing a concert. Mereana has always intrigued me with her outspokenness, no nonsense attitude. I loved this about her
She loved getting into different crafts. Always creating things to make money
Then she contacts me about a business opportunity wow girl
I will look at your business at some stage, I’m proud of you
Keep doing you girl love you,
Kia kaha Kia Maia Kia
May you be blessed girl as always Inspiring others to always be happy and encouraging but of all keep loving no matter what

Amelia Chan 2023-05-07 03:01:29

I have known Mereana for a number of years on a professional and personal capacity. Mereana is a passionate and experienced professional with extensive experience in stakeholder engagement, events management, communication and strategic project management.
Mereana has developed strong networks with stakeholders in the public and private sectors. She is a team player who is always willing to reach out to collaborate with others. I highly recommend Mereana as a strategic thinker and passionate professional who is authentic and is a role model for others. Mereana has a warm and welcoming personality who will always go above and beyond to help create the perfect platform to support others to succeed and shine.

Desmond Adams 2023-05-07 03:00:45

Aunty Mereana has always been there for me and my family when it comes to all things, especially ways to become financially secure. It's no wonder she had the status she has with these reviews. Whanau has always been a strong competitor in auntys journey and she will always make sure that they always stay at the forefront of every thought on a daily basis.
I am happy to be given the opportunity to make my whanaus financial issues become a thing of the past and I know aunty mereana will make sure that this happens with her on going support. It's very rare for opportunitys like this to fall into ones lap and whenever they do, I always make sure to jump on it, but only with the support and guidance of someone o know and trust and I know with this opportunity that aunty presented to me that this will really benefit my whanau and me and all others she's involved

Tuku Mason 2023-05-07 02:59:46

Mereana wilson is a smart loving person, she is head strong and passionate about her whanau and mokopuna especially.
Has a go getter attitude and doesn’t like to achieve alone xx
Thank you cuzin for being you .
Please don’t change and I love that your a straight up sharp shooter . Then we know where we stand with you
Go hard in 2023 like you did in 2022 with the business 👨‍💼
Ko te meanui o tenei ao he tangata he tangata
You will
Find a
Most loving
Kind individual like Mereana
Who will take the last shirt off her back
For you.

Isobel Noanoa 2023-05-07 02:58:46

First of all, Iam sad that all my cousins reviews were deleted, i had a review on there and now we have to resubmit . BFH needs to have some sort of system in place that if you miss your renewal they send a reminder ? Before they delete.
Because my review was important to me and I had to satisfy BFH with a 100+ words
As far as Mereana wilson , she is an amazing whanau oriented wahine, all she cares about is you or us. She is head strong in love with her kids and mokopuna, she will go 2000+ for them .
So BFH get your act together this paid subscription be fair .

Martha Dobbs 2023-05-07 02:57:59

Mereana Wilson the most beautiful loving caring person I know who has so many talents including installing a new shower spout..woop woop..I have known Mereana from my childhood.. we went to the same school lived in the same town..Mereana introduced us to a business that I
Really didn't know anything about
In 2022 and I am so grateful 🙏 to her she is a inspiring and focused
Lady..she has given us a business that not only helps me but my whole family including my grandkids ..Mereana Wilson is a great leader she inspires all that she knows and always there to help no matter what time..I Beleive in Mereana she has a positive drive that she wants too share and make your life a Happy and wealthy one .That's what she is doing for me..Love You & Thank you so Grateful 🙏 God Bless.

Vicky Te Puni 2023-05-07 01:59:01

My aunty Mereana Wilson is an amazing leader in this business. She keeps you on track to achieve your goals and is always looking for ways to better her self. She leads by example and only teaches others what she has done and has seen work for her. She is positive, a go-getter and is determined to succeed but also take as many people with her. She is passionate about giving everyone an opportunity to build a better life for themselves. She will go all the way in this business and I can't wait to be right there with her on this journey.

Taania Poki Mathews 2023-05-07 01:56:52

Wow Mereana Wilson !! …I’ve recently joined this amazing opportunity and her skills as leader and mentor are second to none because She has created so much momentum within our selves within our team. Its very hard not to be excited for this amazing vehicle and for our selves. For me I’m so humbled to receive such dedication and encouragement from her …I believe we will achieve every goal with every strategy we have written not only for ourselves but our team. Thank you Mereana you certainly serve the community with passion and filter everything you know down to us. Such an enormous blessing to meet you ❤️

James Wharehinga 2023-05-07 01:55:46

My big sister has always been a power strength for our whanau ever since I can remember growing up.she was our dad helping our mum leading us to be teachable and achieve our goals in all areas of our lives
She is an amazing leader and sister and is straight up. Doesn’t
Muck around likes to get the job or tasks done.
Only complains if you don’t make a go of life. But her kids and mokopuna are her life
She will let no one hurt her cubs
Our mother lion ness love you sis and Kia kaha

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