Review by Abdulkadir Yusuf on C1

Top trending web3 company in the world. With over 50 million members all over the world. Stock trading, virtual trading, crypto trading and global exchange coming soon. C1 Token coming soon on polygon network and Binance chain. As you buy entrepreneural package of white, black, Gold, Titanium and Pro Titanium, u have access to several benefits in d community. the new Element package of earth, air, water, Fire and Fifth Element. You have opportunity to participate in metaversy. trade virtual in a stock market. The element package consist of 1 NTF for earth, 2 NFTs for Air, 3 NFTs for Water, 4 NFTs for Fire and 5 NFTs for 5th Element. Token will be launched on 15th on November. And airdrop will stop by 15th of January 2024. Token will be listed next year for maximum gain for the community

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