Review by Abo AL-FadL on Mustafa Najim

I tried all means of attraction, persuasion, motivation, activity, and effectiveness for the people who trusted me the most, but he frowned and took over
What is the solution? Ablaini invited them as well, but all attempts failed
Is it because I was actually brainwashed and I don’t know what I did, or are people more aware of the dangers of the matter than I am? In reality, I no longer believe in anyone because I always see numbers and pictures of the lives of wealthy people as they claim, but they do not see in us their credibility in their account..
I no longer know whether what I did was right or wrong because according to the real data in my life, it seems that I made a very wrong decision to join this company. Where will I get people to register them? If the people I have known for more than 10 years have not been of any benefit, will what I see on the street be of any benefit?

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