Review by Adam Gruszka on OneCoin – OneLife

I am grateful that I met people who showed me the concept of Onecoin, Dr. Ruji Ignatova. Bitcoin did not quite open in me the will to engage in this unbelievable trend. Only the idea of ​​Dr. Ruji has shown that not fighting everything around you can introduce a new innovative technology in a friendly way. Fundamental changes often lead to bloodshed, while Onecoin thanks to an idea based on KYC (credibility of users) and a system of a system that is not harmful to anyone, has become a model worth communicating to the world. And that’s how it happened, but as you can see the opponents, even with the model model for the world, are always there … that’s why we have a situation of attempting to denigrate the visionary woman and the OneCoin and OneLife brands themselves. The time of rehearsals as I believe it ends and soon there will be a peaceful functioning based on such a unique technology. Functioning for all: entrepreneurs (traders, service providers, producers, financiers), small and medium enterprises as well as ordinary citizens of the world, no matter where they live. Such an extraordinary Dr Ruji Revolution. Congratulations for a great idea

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