Review by ADO-AZAI OSITA JACHINMA on Stephen Davis

please sir, in case you can reach the 'metaverse guys', help me to tell them that their marketing approach/strategy is not smart.
i sought to buy metaverse virtual but couldn't because the crowd1 leaders in Nigeria hiked the price of the gift code such that they staked 1euro at #800.00 instead of #630.00 which is the price at the black market. after analyzing it with my downtrodden friends, we declined because at eight hundred naira, each virtual price rose to 320 naira from 251 naira. the purchasing price does not reflect the arrangement of the company at all. a thousand and one cryptos out there are thus far cheaper and patronizing than metaverse if sold at eight hundred naira.
it is disheartening that we are gathered to invest in crowd1. yet we cant tap the prospects and opportunities because of the exploitation of middlemen elsewhere. this must surely boomerang on crowd1 because it is the small, small participation of small members like us that make crowd1 strong. but now with the oligopolistic control of gift code, gullible ones like us have no option than resigned observered.

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